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Even If Not {Review}

Even If Not, by Kaitlyn E. Bouchillon, is an incredible tale of how God uses our whole lives for His glory, even those seasons we never imagined, and perhaps never even wanted. Kaitlyn weaves together stories from her own life into a beautiful, encouraging, uplifting book that digs deep and plants hope. I have been… Continue reading Even If Not {Review}

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No Longer a Slave to Fear {#write31days}

I’ve spent too many years hunkering down in fear, stepping back when I need to go forward. I’ve let fear seal my lips, stay my feet, and pierce my heart. It has bound me when I’ve wanted to reach out, and as I give into fear, it grows exponentially, always encompassing more. I am no… Continue reading No Longer a Slave to Fear {#write31days}

31 Days · Intentional Living

Overwhelmed {#write31days}

Life’s hard, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Tell me I’m not alone in this. You know how it goes. Our schedules are crammed crazy-busy-full, and still there’s more waiting to be done. Stress on top of stress, and suddenly we are overwhelmed. Whether that means blowing your top and losing it, or freezing up,… Continue reading Overwhelmed {#write31days}

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When Brave Means Go {#write31days}

This spring, I was reading my way through “Let’s All Be Brave ” by Annie F. Downs. It was being talked about by many bloggers and received impressive reviews, and I praised God when I found out my local library had it. I consumed the book, clinging to Annie’s brilliant wit and beautiful honesty. And it… Continue reading When Brave Means Go {#write31days}

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Alone, Not Alone {Five Minute Friday}

It’s Friday, which means it’s Five Minute Friday time, where I join up with Kate at the #FMFParty gang to write together one a common prompt, for five minutes only (okay, it might’ve been one or two more today). Today’s word is: Alone. This isn’t where I planned to be. Like any normal American girl,… Continue reading Alone, Not Alone {Five Minute Friday}

Five Minute Friday · One Word 2015

A Hope that Ebbs and Flows {Five Minute Friday}

It’s time for Five Minute Friday, where I gather with hundreds of other women from around the world who write together, for just five minutes, on one word. The time each week when we forsake our inner editor and let the words flow freely. Want to join in? Head on over to Kate’s place for… Continue reading A Hope that Ebbs and Flows {Five Minute Friday}

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Relief in the Early Hours {Five Minute Friday}

Ladies! Read allllll the way through for some super-awesome-wonderful details on the #fmfretreat! But first, it’s time to write. For five minutes only, brave together. Us #FMFParty people. Today’s prompt is: Relief. In the midst of all the craziness of life, there have to be moments of relief. Time when we can let the stresses fall… Continue reading Relief in the Early Hours {Five Minute Friday}

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#write31days {Five Minute Friday: Dare}

I didn’t understand. I felt it belonged to me. I wanted it so bad. From the moment we heard of the committee in training, I knew I wanted to be on it. I knew I’d be perfect for it. How dare they pick someone else? The day I found out I didn’t make it, I… Continue reading #write31days {Five Minute Friday: Dare}

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#write31days {Accepting the Challenge to Go}

I sat on a bus, riding through downtown Washington, DC, on my way to my internship. It was October 2010, and I had been toying with an idea for a while. An idea I wanted no part of, but which also wouldn’t leave me alone. It had been at the back (and sometimes front) of… Continue reading #write31days {Accepting the Challenge to Go}

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Keep Your Fork

The week at church, towards the end of the sermon, my pastor told a story that has stuck with me. He was talking about a friend, whose grandmother always made incredible meals during the holidays. His favorite moment during holiday meals was when his grandmother would turn to him and say, “Keep your fork.” You see,… Continue reading Keep Your Fork