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#write31days {Five Minute Friday: Long}

Two years is a long time. I thought hard about it when I said goodbye to my family in the airport, thinking I wouldn’t set foot on American soil for over two years (but I did). I thought about it on the looooong 16 hour flight across the Atlantic. And throughout the two months of… Continue reading #write31days {Five Minute Friday: Long}

31 Days · africa

#write31days {Five Minute Friday: Care}

It’s not often you walk into a training (that you weren’t thrilled to go to, to be honest) and find a lifelong friend (or two). So that day in February 2012, after another slightly ridiculous travel adventure to the nearby village of Ganyesa, I found myself sitting in a classroom of a school, surrounded by… Continue reading #write31days {Five Minute Friday: Care}

31 Days · africa

#write31days {Five Minute Friday: New}

Day 3 of #write31days, but it’s also Friday, which means it’s time for Five Minute Friday. So I’m rolling the two into one and writing on “New” with hundreds of other bloggers. Check out Kate’s beautiful writing home for the full details (and lots of awesome writing, and a giveaway!) Go. It was past dark… Continue reading #write31days {Five Minute Friday: New}

Faith · Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday: Because

Go. Faith isn’t always the easy option, is it? Life has a way of coming at us, beating us up a bit, and leaving us asking “why”. We always want to understand the reason behind certain things, but it’s not always that easy. Some things, our human brain can’t even understand. At my Bible study… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Because

Five Minute Friday · Intentional Living

Five Minute Friday: Ready

Since last December, it’s been lurking in the background. And elephant in the room that I am always conscious of, but that others might not even notice. One which is no end of frustration, especially when it comes to shoe shopping. Yes, shoe shopping. You see, I have an invisible illness. I guess I didn’t… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Ready

Five Minute Friday · Intentional Living

Five Minute Friday: Begin

Begin. Go. Just over a year ago, I posted my first Five Minute Friday post. And several months later, I began joining in on the twitter party beforehand, the #fmfparty. I timidly jumped in, scared among all these “real” writers, tossing my words into the mix. Terrified someone would call me out for what I… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Begin

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday: Bloom

Go. The vines stretched, reaching outward and upward, striving for sunlight and free ground. Out from the sturdy mother vines and protection of the older stalks, the tendrils and leaves explore, uncovering a spot to make their own. Sometimes upwards, sometimes outwards. And when they find their spot, they bloom. The glorious beauty of a… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Bloom