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Expectations {Five Minute Friday}

It’s been a while, friends, since I’ve written with the Five Minute Friday crew. So I’m joining in with the amazing #fmfparty community and writing on a common theme, for just five minutes. Today’s word is: Expect. Go. When I hopped on a plane and flew to South Africa for two years, I was told… Continue reading Expectations {Five Minute Friday}

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Strong Women {#putonyourpearls}

When I think about strong women, I think of the women in Kudunkgwane, the South African village I lived in for two years. (Besides the women in my family, of course, who are exceptionally strong!) There was a group of women who took ownership of my school garden project. They not only show up for workshops:… Continue reading Strong Women {#putonyourpearls}

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Let Go {#write31days}

Most times, it seems like brave starts with a “yes”…whether it’s to something new, something different, or something bigger. Our “yes” to God’s calling to be brave allows Him to work miracles through us. It allows Him to take our small offering and multiply it exponentially. It allows Him to use our lives to impact… Continue reading Let Go {#write31days}

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Overwhelmed {#write31days}

Life’s hard, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Tell me I’m not alone in this. You know how it goes. Our schedules are crammed crazy-busy-full, and still there’s more waiting to be done. Stress on top of stress, and suddenly we are overwhelmed. Whether that means blowing your top and losing it, or freezing up,… Continue reading Overwhelmed {#write31days}

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Grieve the Loss {#write31days}

It’s never easy to face loss. It’s a natural part of life, and yet we do anything to avoid it. Even when we know we need to accept the loss. I’ve written about moving to South Africa, and how I resisted coming back to the USA, even though God was calling me to return. And… Continue reading Grieve the Loss {#write31days}

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Uncomfort Zone {#write31days}

I like comfort. That’s the zone where I feel like I do my best, because I know what to expect, how to do things, and what will happen next. Comfort and me totally get along. However, often enough (maybe too often, for my liking), God asks me to move outside my comfort zone. Into my… Continue reading Uncomfort Zone {#write31days}

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Your Brave Decision {#write31days}

I guess I should talk about the proverbial elephant in the room. If you’ve been reading around here for a while, you may know that I lived in South Africa for two in a half years as a member of the Peace Corps. So while I’ve been talking about living brave and how often I’m… Continue reading Your Brave Decision {#write31days}

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Learn Unexpectedly {Five Minute Friday}

It’s Friday, which means it’s Five Minute Friday time. After the #FMFRetreat last weekend, I was bummed to miss out on the Thursday night Twitter part due to work. However, it’s time to write! Just for five minutes, together on a common theme. To join us, check out Kate’s blog, our lovely hostess of Five… Continue reading Learn Unexpectedly {Five Minute Friday}

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The Small Gifts {Five Minute Friday}

It’s Five Minute Friday time, where I gather with Kate and many other women to write freely, for five minutes only, all on a common prompt. Kate’s blog has all the details and the link up, but for now, it’s time to write. Today’s prompt is: Gift.   When I lived in South Africa, I… Continue reading The Small Gifts {Five Minute Friday}

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Hope in the Waiting {Five Minute Friday}

Our culture demands instant gratification. You do something, there’s a reward. You need something, you get it. In a culture of affluence and excess, waiting isn’t a “thing” anymore. And it only seems to push us to impatience even quicker. I could go in a million different directions with this post, because waiting has been… Continue reading Hope in the Waiting {Five Minute Friday}