31 Days: 2014

This year, I’m participating in the #write31days challenge for the first time. Since I abruptly left my life in South Africa nearly a year ago, I thought it would make a great topic for the challenge. As so, 31 Days of Moments in Africa was born.

Want to read about my life in South Africa? Join me as I write every day this October.

Day 1 {Move Beyond Your Comfort Zone} 
Day 2 {When the View Isn’t Breathtaking}
Day 3 {Five Minute Friday: New}
Day 4 {Learning to Belong}
Day 5 {Stuck in Transition}
Day 6 {When You Know He’s Going to Propose}
Day 7 {Accepting the Challenge to Go}
Day 8 {When You Have to Say Something}
Day 9 {When Joining is Embarrassing}
Day 10 {Five Minute Friday: Care}
Day 11 {Teaching to Grow}
Day 12 {Learning to Rest}
Day 13 {All in a Day’s Work}
Day 14 {When 8,000 Miles Isn’t So Far Away}
Day 15 {Vibrant Life}
Day 16 {Robots, Stoplights, and a Vlog}
Day 17 {Five Minute Friday: Long}
Day 18 {The Lovely Taste of Goat Nose}
Day 19 {Honoring the Queen}
Day 20 {Pure Terror}
Day 21 {No Second Guessing}
Day 22 {Trying Not to Expect}
Day 23 {The Safari Look}
Day 24 {Five Minute Friday: Dare}
Day 25 {Enjoying the Relief}
Day 26 {When Visiting Isn’t Easy}
Day 27 {Disguised as Freedom}
Day 28 {Waking to Reality}
Day 29 {United to Help}
Day 30 {The Many Firsts}
Day 31 {Five Minute Friday: Leave}

#write31days {Building Community}

Also, for all of these, I’m joining in with Kate Motaung for a 31 Days of Free Writes. I’m joining up with over 100 other bloggers to write on common prompts in (more or less than) five minutes. I highly suggest checking her blog out!


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