31 Days: 2015

31 Days…

…the craziness of posting everyday in October. Ahh…I’ve committed again!

And this year I’ll be posting on Living Brave. Incidentally, it’s a topic that scares me, more than I care to admit.

31 Days: Living Brave

But you are invited into this space, to explore what a life lived brave looks like. And as we journey through a month of living brave, I hope you’ll join in with the discussions and offer insight into your next brave decision.

Day 1: Living Brave

Day 2: At the Edge

Day 3: Bravery Begets Bravery

Day 4: Paths Not Taken

Day 5: Your Brave Decision

Day 6: Uncomfort Zone

Day 7: You Make Me Brave

Day 8: Stand Strong

Day 9: Standing in Vulnerability

Day 10: Living Counter-Cultural

Day 11: When Fear Knocks

Day 12: Community of Brave

Day 13: Brave the Stay

Day 14: Unmade

Day 15: Live Your Season

Day 16: Brave in the Small

Day 17: Grieve the Loss

Day 18: We Are Not Of Those Who Shrink Back