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Brave Enough {Review}

I recently finished Brave Enough by Nicole Unice, and I found this book to be remarkably encouraging, delightfully funny, and highly engaging. Directed towards women, it addresses the areas women tend to live in fear, showing how to cast aside fear and take hold of the bravery God created us to embrace. And honestly? Unice… Continue reading Brave Enough {Review}

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Let’s All Be Brave {#write31days}

I can sum this whole series up in one short phrase, courtesy of Annie F. Downs: Let’s all be brave. Because really what do we have to lose? Being brave gives God room to work miracles in our ordinary, everyday lives. It shows other the true power of a Creator kindles brave and walks with… Continue reading Let’s All Be Brave {#write31days}


Brave Looks Likes {#write31days}

All month I’ve been writing about #livingbrave, and I hope you’ve taken away a few things. Your brave is your brave. Don’t compare to anyone else, because your brave decision was created for you, by a God who has plans for you. Your brave is important. We get bogged down by seeing other people make… Continue reading Brave Looks Likes {#write31days}

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Let Go {#write31days}

Most times, it seems like brave starts with a “yes”…whether it’s to something new, something different, or something bigger. Our “yes” to God’s calling to be brave allows Him to work miracles through us. It allows Him to take our small offering and multiply it exponentially. It allows Him to use our lives to impact… Continue reading Let Go {#write31days}

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No Longer a Slave to Fear {#write31days}

I’ve spent too many years hunkering down in fear, stepping back when I need to go forward. I’ve let fear seal my lips, stay my feet, and pierce my heart. It has bound me when I’ve wanted to reach out, and as I give into fear, it grows exponentially, always encompassing more. I am no… Continue reading No Longer a Slave to Fear {#write31days}

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Run to the Light {#write31days}

Sometimes the bravest thing we can do is hold on to hope. Living isn’t something that’s done easily. There comes a time in everyone’s life where they face insurmountable odds and there are two choices: despair or hope. And it seems like our nature is to dwell in despair. The easy, natural choice. Woe is… Continue reading Run to the Light {#write31days}

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Blindly Brave {#write31days}

Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know a few of the #FMFParty ladies pretty well as we planned the #FMFRetreat together. Last summer, we were finally able to meet in person, which was an incredible blessing. One of the lovely ladies, Mary, gave a devotion at the retreat about living bravely, and it spoke… Continue reading Blindly Brave {#write31days}

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Offer Up Your Gifts {#write31days}

I tend to discount my abilities. Now, understand that I’m not spectacularly talented in anything, nor do I think that I have any specific gifts to grace humanity with. Yet we all have our own God-given talents, whether we realize it or not. We all have something that God has given us a talent in,… Continue reading Offer Up Your Gifts {#write31days}

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Bold Imperfections {#write31days}

Can I just say it? I’m tired of trying to be perfect. Hiding my imperfections is exhausting. Because friends? I have a whole lot of them. I grew up in a church community that valued perfection. While they spoke of grace from the alter, when anyone fell short of perfect, judging and rumors soon followed.… Continue reading Bold Imperfections {#write31days}

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Write Brave {#write31days}

I’m not a brave writer. In fact, I usually don’t tell people that I write. It’s scary, because if I do, suddenly expectations come into the equation. Or people start asking questions about what I write. In writing, I do not write¬†brave. I put off posts I need to write, and leave drafts unattended for… Continue reading Write Brave {#write31days}