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Adventures in Beekeeping {#tinyhousebees}

I am officially a beekeeper.

bee gear

This is NOT a path I envisioned taking, even a year and a half ago. It wasn’t that I hated bees or was particularly afraid of them. I just never envisioned being a beekeeper because I didn’t think I had the knowledge, skills, or strength to do so. But after offering a beekeeping class and taking it this year and last through my job (taught by a couple of experienced beekeepers, of course), and helping my Dad keep bees last year, I’m smitten with the little creatures.

I’m not kidding.

Perhaps a little obsessed, I am 100% on the beekeeping bandwagon and ready to pull everyone around me on it as well. But according to most of the things I’ve read and most of the people I talk to, this is just how it goes. Once you’re introduced to bees, you’re in. There’s no escape route. You realize they are fairly calm, mostly peaceful little creatures that are fascinating to watch and provide some sweet (literally) paybacks for being a dutiful steward of the hives.

tiny house bees 2

This is my first year with my own hives at my house, and I’m dedicated to documenting this year for you, my readers. I hope you’ll see some of the magic of beekeeping, and perhaps lose a little fear you might be harboring.

Because, really? This little fuzzy ladies are pretty adorable.

tiny house bees 1

The #tinyhousebees have been living at my house for 11 days now, and are established in two hives right outside my bathroom window, in my little yard in town. I’ll describe more about how I set up the hives, why I chose the location, and how I installed the bees in other posts. Keep an eye out, and walk this bee journey with me.


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