The Reckless Love of God {Book Review}

I recently read The Reckless Love of God: Experiencing the Personal, Passionate Heart of the Gospel  by Alex Early, a book which explores deeply how God loves us. The premise of this book is that most Christians know logically that God loves us, but many of us have never truly stop to consider what that… Continue reading The Reckless Love of God {Book Review}

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Five Minute Friday: Messenger

Welcome friends! It’s Five Minute Friday, and that means it’s time to simply write. For only five minutes, on a common prompt. Check it out on Lisa-Jo’s blog! Today’s word is: Messenger. And to be fair, I have absolutely no clue where this is going. Go. Whenever I see a mailman in a bluish-grey uniform,… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Messenger


Five Minute Friday: Nothing

Hey friends, it’s time for Five Minute Friday, where I gather with hundreds of other writers to write with abandon, freely, for five minutes only. Come join the fun at Lisa-Jo’s blog. Go. I’ll be honest with you, friends. I often feel like a big old bunch of nothing. I’m not seeking compliments…just baring my… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Nothing

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Dead Faith

It’s easy to go to church, sing a few songs, join a Bible study, tithe, and send your kids to Sunday School. Check, check, done. Stick a gold star by your name. But is your heart in it? Friends, faith isn’t a checklist. There’s no perfect formula. <-Click to Tweet All talk and no action is a… Continue reading Dead Faith

Five Minute Friday · Intentional Living

Five Minute Friday: Mess

It’s Friday (almost) and it’s time for Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker. Where we write for just five minutes, with no editing and no planning. Go. Thoughts flit around, crashing into each other and falling into pieces. As hard as I try to pull together a concrete thought, they just keep slipping through my… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Mess

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday: Friend

Today is a time for writing-freely and without intent. Writing where the wind takes me, resisting the editor inside and joining in with hundreds of other bloggers for Five Minute Friday. And today, we’re writing about: Friend. Start. I have this friend. She a beautiful, intelligent, vivacious person who has been a blessing in my… Continue reading Five Minute Friday: Friend

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#atozchallenge: Quell

Surrounding me lies the dead grasses of last year’s prairie: brown, chest high, stretching off towards the barren woods in the distance. A strong wind rustles each blade of grass, and the millions of gentle movements begin to form a symphony.   Music swells from the seemingly dead prairie, overwhelming in its force. A few… Continue reading #atozchallenge: Quell