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Save the World {Fair Trade Friday Club}

    When I lived in South Africa, for the last six months of my service I worked with an organization called the Valoyi Traditional Authority Trust, which was¬†created to lift the Valoyi people up and give them skills to find jobs and become independent. South Africa has a ridiculously high unemployment rate, officially at… Continue reading Save the World {Fair Trade Friday Club}

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Hope in the Waiting {Five Minute Friday}

Our culture demands instant gratification. You do something, there’s a reward. You need something, you get it. In a culture of affluence and excess, waiting isn’t a “thing” anymore. And it only seems to push us to impatience even quicker. I could go in a million different directions with this post, because waiting has been… Continue reading Hope in the Waiting {Five Minute Friday}

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Thanksgiving for Connectivity

Now, I know I just wrote about being over-connected on Friday, and the excessive use of technology is our very connected world, so bear with me. Friends, overall, I’m thankful for connectivity.¬† I sit here, in my little writing corner at home, pounding out words on my keyboard. Words which will be read by people… Continue reading Thanksgiving for Connectivity


Nature’s Worship to the Creator

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons. Some years, spring wins out. But most years it is fall. With the crisp temperatures, falling leaves, gentle rains, and foggy mornings, how can you not love fall?   This year is my first real fall since 2010. If you followed along with my #write31days series,… Continue reading Nature’s Worship to the Creator

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#write31days {United to Help}

The incredible thing about Peace Corps Volunteers is that we form an odd sort of family in our country of service. During a time of crisis, this becomes vital.   After I was released from the hospital, I stayed in the capital for several weeks while Peace Corps South Africa decided whether I would be… Continue reading #write31days {United to Help}

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#write31days {Disguised as Freedom}

When the decision to Medevac me was handed down, for a moment I felt free. I had been in Africa for 2.5 years, in the middle of a very difficult third year. My house was literally falling apart, my new host family was distant, my job was not as it had been described, I was… Continue reading #write31days {Disguised as Freedom}

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#write31days {Five Minute Friday: Dare}

I didn’t understand. I felt it belonged to me. I wanted it so bad. From the moment we heard of the committee in training, I knew I wanted to be on it. I knew I’d be perfect for it. How dare they pick someone else? The day I found out I didn’t make it, I… Continue reading #write31days {Five Minute Friday: Dare}

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#write31days {The Safari Look}

We were surrounded by dense bushveld at the edge of Kruger Park, watching the sunrise over the gently rolling land dotted with shrubs and acacia trees. After getting locked INTO the guest house compound early that morning, we had arrived at the reserve just after opening time, ready for a day-long, self-guided safari. In our… Continue reading #write31days {The Safari Look}

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#write31days {Trying Not to Expect}

It’s Day 22 of #write31days, and today I’m guest posting over at Kate Motaung’s place! So you can read a snippet of today’s post here, but for the full story, head on over to Kate’s place. “Don’t have expectations.” That was the main thing our trainers tried to teach us. Even before leaving the country,… Continue reading #write31days {Trying Not to Expect}