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Wholeness of Community {Five Minute Friday}

It’s Five Minute Friday time, when I gather with other writers from all corners of the globe as we write together, for just five minutes, on a common prompt. When we put away the inner editor and just let the words flow. Our gracious hostess, Kate, has all the details on her blog, as well… Continue reading Wholeness of Community {Five Minute Friday}

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Season of Quiet {Five Minute Friday}

It’s not Friday, and it’s nearly a week late, but after a long hiatus, I’m back to join in with the Five Minute Friday crew, where we gather each week to write for just five minutes on a common theme. And this week (actually, last week) is “quiet”. Check out Kate’s blog for the full… Continue reading Season of Quiet {Five Minute Friday}

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Write Brave {#write31days}

I’m not a brave writer. In fact, I usually don’t tell people that I write. It’s scary, because if I do, suddenly expectations come into the equation. Or people start asking questions about what I write. In writing, I do not write brave. I put off posts I need to write, and leave drafts unattended for… Continue reading Write Brave {#write31days}

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When Brave Means Go {#write31days}

This spring, I was reading my way through “Let’s All Be Brave ” by Annie F. Downs. It was being talked about by many bloggers and received impressive reviews, and I praised God when I found out my local library had it. I consumed the book, clinging to Annie’s brilliant wit and beautiful honesty. And it… Continue reading When Brave Means Go {#write31days}

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Brave the Stay {#write31days}

Brave scares me. It makes me dig into times I’ve been brave and times I haven’t, and look at the choices in front of me now. As crazy as it sounds…right now the “unbrave” choice in front of me would be packing a bag, boarding a plane, and heading back to Africa. The brave decision?… Continue reading Brave the Stay {#write31days}

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You Make Me Brave {#write31days}

It’s a song I’ve heard many times on the radio, and eventually during worship services as church: You Make Me Brave. To me, it’s become an anthem. Even when I don’t feel brave, God makes me brave. Do you see how beautiful this is? In life, we are constantly called out to be brave. And sometimes… Continue reading You Make Me Brave {#write31days}

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Living Brave {#write31days}

I wouldn’t consider myself a brave person. I’ve done some unconventional things in life, things which some people would consider brave. But sometimes a decision to embrace big changes takes less bravery than a decision to live well where you are. Bravery looks different for everyone, and my brave might be your normal. One thing… Continue reading Living Brave {#write31days}

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Staying is the New Going {and an Announcement}

I recently finished Staying is the New Going by Alan Briggs, and my initial gut response is “wow”. This book was nothing like what I expected, and more encouraging that I ever imagined. I started reading it, thinking it would be book about focusing on local missions, rather than big international trips. And I think… Continue reading Staying is the New Going {and an Announcement}

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Unexpected Finds {Five Minute Friday}

It’s Five Minute Friday time, which means I join up with Kate and the other #FMFParty ladies to write together, for just 5 minutes, on a common prompt. All the lovely details and the linkup is at Kate’s place, so be sure to check it out! Today’s word is: Find.   Go. Sometimes you pick… Continue reading Unexpected Finds {Five Minute Friday}