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Even If Not {Review}

Even If Not, by Kaitlyn E. Bouchillon, is an incredible tale of how God uses our whole lives for His glory, even those seasons we never imagined, and perhaps never even wanted. Kaitlyn weaves together stories from her own life into a beautiful, encouraging, uplifting book that digs deep and plants hope.


I have been utterly blessed to have met Kaitlyn last summer, and we were able to sit down and chat about our lives. Like Kaitlyn, I encountered my own unexpected season of life, right after college. Rather than chasing the American Dream, God chose a different path for me. One that was exciting and unexpected…and scary-hard. It left me second-guessing at grasping at straws at times, and I wish I had Even If Not in my hands at the time, a balm for my questioning soul.

Kaitlyn writes hope in every word in this book, affirming that our stories are not over yet. Do you hear that? No matter where you are, or what season you’re in, your story is not over. And even more? You story matters, as Kaitlyn loves to say. Even if you aren’t living the life you envision, God can turn your story into something amazing. Kaitlyn’s writing brings home these points, and will leave you grasping onto hope, rather than grasping for straws.


If only I could pass this book onto all of you ladies who are wondering where your stories go next. I can’t recommend Even If Not enough, because I think all of us need to be reminded that God has brought you to your season in life, and all for a reason, even if it’s not what you dreamed it would be. In the messy and in the joyful, your story is your story, and Even If Not will remind you of that beautiful truth.

I absolutely love Kaitlyn’s writing style: honest, real, and sweet. Reading Even If Not is like sitting down with a cup of coffee for a long chat with Kaitlyn. This book will bless you immensely, so get it now! You can pre-order it today, or wait until February 23rd when it officially releases. Personally, I’d recommend pre-ordering it, because you want it as soon as its available, right? It’ll automatically ship on release day!



I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Affliate links were used in this post.


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