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Relief in the Early Hours {Five Minute Friday}

Ladies! Read allllll the way through for some super-awesome-wonderful details on the #fmfretreat!

But first, it’s time to write. For five minutes only, brave together. Us #FMFParty people. Today’s prompt is: Relief.

In the midst of all the craziness of life, there have to be moments of relief. Time when we can let the stresses fall away and we can immerse ourselves in the sweet truth of God’s love.

Easier said than done, right?

For the past 5 weeks, I’ve been blessed to be part of a Hello Mornings Challenge on the book of Psalms. I’ve been doing Hello Mornings for years now, but this Psalm study? Oh goodness, it’s been the relief I need.

Each morning, minutes past 5am, I crack open my Bible and seek refuge in the psalms. I find relief in the words penned thousands of years ago. I can relax in these declarations of love, power, repentance, renewal, grace…

I find relief in these messages. Whispers of God’s unending love during times when my world is set spinning.

Who knew that an early morning, before-my-eyes-are-truly-open, pre-coffee-buzz Bible study would be so refreshing?

Who knew that I would find relief in a season of crazy.

God does amazing things for His children. Sometimes He moves mountains. Sometimes He pushes the wind and rain away. Sometimes He makes sure the perfect Bible study finds its way to His child in need.

And as I find relief in the Psalms, I can rest assured that God always knows exactly what sort of relief I need.


Registration for the first ever Five Minute Friday Retreat will open at 9pm EST on Thursday, April 16th! (That’s in ONE week, y’all!)

Click here for more details about the retreat, and click here for ticket info on the registration form. Kate’s blog is full of information about the retreat!

Here are the basic details:

Tickets for the whole retreat are $180.

This includes two nights of accommodation, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, and Sunday breakfast. Cost of transportation and Saturday dinner are not included in the ticket price.

Tickets for Saturday only are $45. Day visitors are welcome from 9:30am-4pm on Saturday.

The day visit ticket includes a morning discussion, a special presentation, lunch, and an afternoon session.

There are 25 retreat tickets and 10 day visitor tickets available. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

** No refunds are available for cancellations. You may sell your own ticket to another person if you purchase a ticket and are unable to attend.**

One week, friends. Set your alarms now so you don’t miss out! Registration information can be found at Kate’s place.



Also…exciting news! We’ve gotten a sponsor for the #fmfretreat! ViBella Jewelry will be sponsoring part of the retreat, and will be doing a fun presentation/activity. This company is AMAZING! It uses recycled material to make BEAUTIFUL jewelry, which support local artisans in Haiti and Mexico. We are thrilled to work with them during the retreat, and hear more about the wonderful things they do. Check out more of their story here!logo


21 thoughts on “Relief in the Early Hours {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Yes to early morning stillness filled with God’s word. Jesus knows our needs and fulfills everyone even before we know we are empty. I am looking forward to the relief of not working full time to be able to spend more time immersed in His word. Thank you for the fun tonight #fmfretreat #fmfparty

    1. Yes, it will be nice to have more time to devote to His word! 😀 And to think about all the fun of #fmfretreat hehehe

  2. Beautiful post, Jen! Such a blessing to find relief from His Word. Also, so grateful for your support with the FMF Retreat! Can’t wait for August!!

  3. Awesome post Jen! I too love Psalms. And you used a word that has been quite prominent in my world for a few months: Refuge…oh I LOVE His Refuge!! I;m so happy you are able to find such relief that early in the morning before the chickens wake up! hehe (I’m more of a night owl so early mornings aren’t my cup of tea lol!) All joking aside, love your post!

    1. Aw, thanks Shannon! This study has definitely been a refuge for me in a season of craziness. And an enormous blessing. I’m going to be sad when it ends next week, because the Psalms and daily discussions on it have been a huge blessing to me.

  4. Yes- The Psalms give great relief. Relief to know that even David struggled with anger, depression, loneliness, and despair. Relief to know that it’s okay to be perfectly honest with God. Relief to realize that it’s possible to move from lamenting to praising. I’m right there with you in the pre-coffee Bible time. I’ll think of you tomorrow morning! 🙂 Great read here tonight!

    1. Thanks Karen! That’s the best part of it, David and the other Psalmists weren’t at all afraid to put their humanness on display. It’s just so “real” and honest. It definitely encourages me!

  5. Jen, the Psalms do offer such relief. I’m realizing that more and more as I read them. Psalm 30:5 had become one of my faves. Such relief; such hope in that verse.

  6. It is absolutely amazing, and I never ceased to be amazed, by how He manages to speak to each of us so personally and so purposefully….beautiful post, thank you {A FMF friend}

  7. Ever since I was a little girl, the Psalms have always been my favourite book of the Bible for all the reasons that you mention. Unfortunately, in the last two years, along with the many other things stolen from me by what I’ve gone through, my ability to find joy, hope, peace, and comfort in the Psalms has been stolen too. What adds to my frustration is that one of the commitments I have is to cantor (sing) the Psalms about once a month at Mass. It has been a great trial to continue to sing the Psalms, but I do it because despite not gaining any relief from them (and often feeling a lot of pain in singing them), I still believe in my head what I know the Psalms are saying. Perhaps one day they will bring me joy and comfort and peace again. Stopping by from FMF!

  8. I love this reminder. I often find relief in the Psalms, too. One of my favorite places to wander when lost and overwhelmed.

    – from a fellow #fmfparty girl and lover of real food

  9. Yes, God always knows the relief we need. I am relieved to know that, and thanks for the reminder, Jen! I am so glad you’ve found relief in the Psalms! I find relief and comfort there too. blessings to you, FMF friend!

  10. Excellent! There is nothing else like the Psalms! I’m part of a group that is praying a different Psalm daily for a nearby community that is known for it’s dark and occult activity. We are believing God will soon lift the darkness.

  11. Just what I needed to hear since I’ve been struggling to stay consistent with my devotions. Take today for example, I did not even think of having a devotion till is was too late and I was almost out the door. So, hearing how God has blessed others entices me to want more of Him in my life. That’s why I love when God’s children come together. 😀 Thank you for your words.

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