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#write31days {Accepting the Challenge to Go}

I sat on a bus, riding through downtown Washington, DC, on my way to my internship. It was October 2010, and I had been toying with an idea for a while. An idea I wanted no part of, but which also wouldn’t leave me alone. It had been at the back (and sometimes front) of my mind for weeks. And though I didn’t have a desire to uproot life and move abroad for two years, working without pay, the idea of joining the Peace Corps wouldn’t leave me alone.

I just couldn’t understand it.

So on that sunny day, as I rode the bus to work, I began to pray. For guidance. For discernment. For sanity.

I just wanted a clear answer.

As I prayed, a song started playing on my iPod. A song I had listened to a hundred times before, without really being moved. And it hit me like an arrow to the heart.

As “Two Weeks in Africa” played on a busy bus in downtown DC, I surrendered to His will.

Nine months later, the plane touched down in Africa. It was an entirely unexpected journey, full of detours and surprises. But as we disembarked and grabbed our bags, I began to realize…

Stereotypically Africa
Stereotypically Africa

I was in Africa.

I was IN AFRICA! And…friends, it was cold.

I didn’t expect that. But that was just the first unexpected thing I encountered, setting the stage for numerous surprises over the next 2.5 years.

And it all started with a clear-as-day “GO” on a bus in DC.



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