Tiny House Living

In June 2015, I bought a tiny house. It’s not super tiny, at 484 square feet. And it’s not your stereotypical “tiny house on wheels”. Instead, it’s a 1920s era house that was built tiny, and no additions were ever made. There were probably hundreds of such houses in my hometown that would’ve qualified as a “tiny house” when built, but over the years they’ve been added onto here and there.

But I was lucky and found one that still retained its original small stature, with lovely vaulted ceilings, an open concept space, and room in the backyard for chickens.

Of course, as a previous rental house, it was trashed.

So here is the place where you can watch my #tinyhousetransformation from a trashed rental house to a lovely, functional tiny house. And eventually see it’s transformation from simply a tiny house into a tiny homestead in the city.

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