The Sea Keeper’s Daughter {Review}

// I was hooked. That’s the easiest way to explain my feelings towards The Sea Keeper’s Daughters by Lisa Wingate. I recently read this book, and it was definitely one I struggled to put down. Though I consumed the book very quickly, the pace wasn’t overly fast, and I felt fully immersed in the novel.… Continue reading The Sea Keeper’s Daughter {Review}


Refining Fire {Book Review}

I recently finished reading Refining Fire, the second installment of Tracie Peterson’s Brides of Seattle series. I was thrilled to read this book, as I had read the first one, Steadfast Heart, some months before and loved it. I was excited that this book focused more on Abrianna, the spunky young lady who lives at… Continue reading Refining Fire {Book Review}

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When Purchases Have Power {Fair Trade Friday}

I love to cook. As such, I have on kinda crazy obsession: aprons! Now, in all honesty, I only own 3 aprons (two of which I’ve gotten this summer). But I love, love, LOVE aprons and could spend hours on Etsy drooling over amazing aprons. It’s only my budget and the fact that I’m moving… Continue reading When Purchases Have Power {Fair Trade Friday}

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Save the World {Fair Trade Friday Club}

    When I lived in South Africa, for the last six months of my service I worked with an organization called the Valoyi Traditional Authority Trust, which was created to lift the Valoyi people up and give them skills to find jobs and become independent. South Africa has a ridiculously high unemployment rate, officially at… Continue reading Save the World {Fair Trade Friday Club}


Better All the Time {Book Review}

I recently read Better All the Time, by Carre Armstrong Gardner, which is a fictional book about the Darling family, the second book of the series. Without having read the first book, the first few chapters were a whirlwind of character introductions and hints at back stories untold in this book. However, I thoroughly enjoyed… Continue reading Better All the Time {Book Review}

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Dragons and Dirt {Review}

My lovely friend Kate Motaung contacted me awhile back about reviewing a book from a South African author she knew, and of course, I said YES! Because I love the idea of promoting a lovely South African author, and the topic sounded much needed. So a week or two later, a copy of “Dragons and… Continue reading Dragons and Dirt {Review}


Your Beautiful Heart Review

I recently read Your Beautiful Heart by Lauren Scruggs with Lisa Velthouse, which is a devotional on love, faith, and friendship. This book is aesthetically gorgeous, with beautiful word art throughout the book, which enhances the devotionals. The book is divided into several sections, which each section containing a handful of devotions related to each… Continue reading Your Beautiful Heart Review


Review: Where Trust Lies (Janette Oaks)

Where Trust Lies by Janette Oaks is the second book in the Return to the Canadian West book series. The main character, upper class Beth Thatcher, has just returned from working in a poor community in the Rockies for a year, and is quickly whisked away on a cruise with her family. She has to… Continue reading Review: Where Trust Lies (Janette Oaks)


Unplanned {Book Review}

Unplanned, written by Abby Johnson, is the captivating biography of her time working for Planned Parenthood, and the change of heart that happened during her years with the organization. From her first interaction with Planned Parenthood in college, to leaving her position as the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic and joining the Coalition for… Continue reading Unplanned {Book Review}