The Quieting {Review}

I recently had the pleasure of reading The Quieting by Suzanne Woods Fisher, which is a novel set in Stoney Ridge, the fictitious Amish village create by Fisher and written about in several other books. This is the second book in The Bishop’s Family series. The book revolves around David, an Amish minister who must… Continue reading The Quieting {Review}


Counted with the Stars {Review}

I recently finished Counted with the Stars by Connilyn Cossette, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while. I adore historical fiction, but this setting, plot line, and perspective are surprisingly different than most historical fictions. Counted with the Stars is a refreshing take on story many… Continue reading Counted with the Stars {Review}


A Treasure Concealed {Review}

I recently finished A Treasure Concealed by Tracie Peterson, which is the first book in a series set in the 1890s in the Montana Territory. I have always been a fan of Peterson, who is a fantastic author, and this book is no exception. Not only was the plot line compelling and the characters well-developed,… Continue reading A Treasure Concealed {Review}


I Was Blind (Dating), But Now I See {Review}

I don’t think I can adequately explain how much I love Stephanie Rishe’s I Was Blind (Dating), But Now I See, but I will try my hardest to convey that point in this review. Short version: I LOVED this book. Go buy it for any single woman you know, or for yourself. Trust me! Long… Continue reading I Was Blind (Dating), But Now I See {Review}

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Even If Not {Review}

Even If Not, by Kaitlyn E. Bouchillon, is an incredible tale of how God uses our whole lives for His glory, even those seasons we never imagined, and perhaps never even wanted. Kaitlyn weaves together stories from her own life into a beautiful, encouraging, uplifting book that digs deep and plants hope. I have been… Continue reading Even If Not {Review}


Hannah’s Choice {Review}

I recently finished reading Hannah’s Choice by Jan Drexler, which was an intriguing novel set in the Amish community, with several unexpected plot twists. Uniquely, this book is set in the year 1842, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Being set in the 1800s introduced new aspects of the Amish faith and community, which was a delight… Continue reading Hannah’s Choice {Review}

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Brave Enough {Review}

I recently finished Brave Enough by Nicole Unice, and I found this book to be remarkably encouraging, delightfully funny, and highly engaging. Directed towards women, it addresses the areas women tend to live in fear, showing how to cast aside fear and take hold of the bravery God created us to embrace. And honestly? Unice… Continue reading Brave Enough {Review}


God for the Rest of Us {Review}

I recently read God for the Rest of Us by Vince Antonucci, and my first response after finishing it was simply, “Wow!” Antonucci does a fantastic job of addressing how God is for all of us, even the people who are traditionally marginalized, or even unwelcome in the church. Since I attend a “church for… Continue reading God for the Rest of Us {Review}

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Staying is the New Going {and an Announcement}

I recently finished Staying is the New Going by Alan Briggs, and my initial gut response is “wow”. This book was nothing like what I expected, and more encouraging that I ever imagined. I started reading it, thinking it would be book about focusing on local missions, rather than big international trips. And I think… Continue reading Staying is the New Going {and an Announcement}