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Adventures in Beekeeping {#tinyhousebees}

I am officially a beekeeper. This is NOT a path I envisioned taking, even a year and a half ago. It wasn’t that I hated bees or was particularly afraid of them. I just never envisioned being a beekeeper because I didn’t think I had the knowledge, skills, or strength to do so. But after… Continue reading Adventures in Beekeeping {#tinyhousebees}

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Lavender and Sweet Orange Epsom Bath Salt

I’ve been reading about the benefits of Epsom Bath SaltsĀ for a while now, and I love adding them to my bath. Since I have a mild form of muscular dystrophy, I struggle with nerve pain in my legs. I’ve found that taking a hot bath with Epsom Bath Salts helps a lot, and recently I… Continue reading Lavender and Sweet Orange Epsom Bath Salt

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First Christmas Photo Shoot

  Christmas is a great time to shoot some beautiful, light-filled photos that easily capture the magic of the season. Of course, when you add a baby to the mix, things tend to get really adorable! This Christmas, I was blessed to shoot “First Christmas” photos for the Soibam family, who have a six month… Continue reading First Christmas Photo Shoot

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Favorite Christmas Book Photo Shoot

Back in October, my four month old nephew visited from Texas. We decided to do a Christmas photo shoot, so my sister would have some cute pictures for her Christmas card. So after perusing Pinterest and deciding on a few photos, we ran to the library, checked out a few Christmas books, and prepared to… Continue reading Favorite Christmas Book Photo Shoot

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Homemade Mocha Cappuccino Gift-in-a-Jar

Are you wracking your brain for a last-minute gift idea for someone on your Christmas list? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Are they a coffee lover? If so, I have the perfect idea for you, and it’s *not* a gift card! This year, I was combing through a cookbook I found at a used… Continue reading Homemade Mocha Cappuccino Gift-in-a-Jar