Frugal Faves: The Wonders of Aldi

When I first started this blog, I wanted to include more about my life as a semi-crunchy Christian. Some who is focused on frugal, simple living. But I haven’t done that too much. Now that’s going to change. I’ll be writing more about those aspects of my life, and today is my first “Frugal Faves”… Continue reading Frugal Faves: The Wonders of Aldi


Sustainable Sunday #2: Being a Crunchy Christian

So what does crunchy mean? A Crunchy Christian? If you read the “About Me” page of this blog, you’ll quickly see that sustainability is a passion of mine. God created this beautiful Earth we live on, and I believe it’s important to care for it as best we can. So, each Sunday, I will be… Continue reading Sustainable Sunday #2: Being a Crunchy Christian


Sustainable Sunday #1: Seeing the Beauty

Darkness surrounds me, blanketing the world around me. A cool breeze plays across my skin, welcome relief after the heat of the day. I look around, breathlessly observing the darkness. The moon glints above, reflecting off the pale sand and gently illuminating the path before me. From the silence emerges a cacophony of nature sounds:… Continue reading Sustainable Sunday #1: Seeing the Beauty

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The Simple Life, Part 2

Part of my Simple Life: Waiting for the Bus As promised, I write again about the simple life. On my last post about the simple life, I discussed how PC changed my worldview and how I believe God calls me to this simpler life. But I didn’t get into the nitty gritty. When I was… Continue reading The Simple Life, Part 2