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Writing Through 2014

Like any good blogger, as the year closes, I’m reflecting on my writing from the past year. As I meander through a year’s worth of writing, I can’t help but come to one conclusion. [Tweet “It’s been an interesting year, to say the least.”] 2014 has been a year of readjustment, settling-in, new beginnings, crazy… Continue reading Writing Through 2014

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Letter to Grief {Linkup with Kate Motaung}

My friend Kate has written a book. It’s a pretty great book, but it’s a pretty dark subject. In it, she writes letters to grief, and this week she has invited all of us to join along. Everyone has experienced grief in one way or another, whether the loss of a loved one or a… Continue reading Letter to Grief {Linkup with Kate Motaung}

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Thanksgiving for Help

I’m not always the best at asking for help. It’s a vulnerable place, knowing you can’t do it all, no matter how hard you try. And yet, it’s also a little ridiculous, because nobody can do it all. Humans are designed to rely on one another. And I have a hard time with that. Earlier… Continue reading Thanksgiving for Help

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Thanksgiving for Family

When I lived abroad, holidays were always a little subdued. I didn’t have any family around, and sometimes I didn’t even have fellow Americans who understood my┬ácultural traditions nearby. And so for minor holidays, I mainly forgot them. And for major holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc), I usually found a way to celebrate with other… Continue reading Thanksgiving for Family

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God Hit Me with the Gratitude Stick

It hit me hard. I woke up yesterday morning and there was snow on the ground. Snow, guys. I walked the couple of blocks to work with my back mostly to the wind, and stayed inside until about 3pm. I assumed the tiny amount of snow had melted and the sun had warmed the day… Continue reading God Hit Me with the Gratitude Stick

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When Writing is Scary

Last year, when I was laid up in Pretoria, South Africa, post-surgery for a broken humerus, I participated in NaNoWriMo. The idea of NaNo is to write a novel (at least 50,000 words, in one month. Because I was in the hospital and then stranded in Pretoria without a computer for two weeks, I ended… Continue reading When Writing is Scary

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#write31days {Five Minute Friday: Leave}

We stood in the airport in Johannesburg, surrounded by the rushing crowds, near the check in lines. A friend from back home in Iowa, living in SA, came to the airport to see me off, accompanied by her husband and sweet baby. Together we stood in the busy terminal, holding hands and pausing for a… Continue reading #write31days {Five Minute Friday: Leave}

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#write31days {The Many Firsts}

When I moved to South Africa, I experienced many “firsts”. Some were pretty comical. Such as the first time I rode an ostrich, fought a monkey, pet a hippo, or battled a tarantula. Who can forget my first multi-language proposal? Or the times I ate warthog, zebra, ostrich, kudu, springbok, goat nose, cow intestine, and… Continue reading #write31days {The Many Firsts}

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#write31days {United to Help}

The incredible thing about Peace Corps Volunteers is that we form an odd sort of family in our country of service. During a time of crisis, this becomes vital.   After I was released from the hospital, I stayed in the capital for several weeks while Peace Corps South Africa decided whether I would be… Continue reading #write31days {United to Help}