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Expectations {Five Minute Friday}

It’s been a while, friends, since I’ve written with the Five Minute Friday crew. So I’m joining in with the amazing #fmfparty community and writing on a common theme, for just five minutes. Today’s word is: Expect.


When I hopped on a plane and flew to South Africa for two years, I was told repeatedly by Peace Corps staff not to have expectations. Expectations set volunteers up for frustration, and sometimes failure. So, as much as I could, I tried not to expect anything.


I failed at that, miserably. 

[bctt tweet=”But in trying to expect nothing, I learned to expect anything.” username=”jen_daugherty”]

And South Africa both exceeded and fell short of my loosely-held expectations, in a myriad of incredible and frustrating ways.


And then the most unexpected of things happened, and I wound up being medevac’d back home, grasping for a firm hold in a new reality. And the long-practiced, sometimes despised habit of letting loose of expectations took hold. After a few obedient, unplanned, possibly stubborn “yes’s”, I learned to expect everything.

Because when God is leading the way, we can expect everything good, even in the midst of all the bad.


I’ve learned that having expectations isn’t bad. But we just need to expect in hope, resting in the truth that God’s plan is far better than our expectations.




14 thoughts on “Expectations {Five Minute Friday}

  1. So true, Jen. Expectations can often be deceiving, but they aren’t always bad. In fact, NOT having expectations can actually be a bad thing, I’ve found, because it means we might miss out on what we would see if only we’d be looking.

    So fun to reconnect through FMF!

  2. I love what you said that “Because when God is leading the way, we can expect everything good, even in the midst of all the bad.” Figuring out how the good and bad intermingle can be so HARD. Thanks for sharing your own story, Jen.

    Visiting from FMF. 🙂

  3. So fun to see you back here friend. So much THIS: “Because when God is leading the way, we can expect everything good, even in the midst of all the bad.” Yes…my seminary journey. I’m in the lucky 13 spot this week.

    1. Lucky 13! 😀 Also, that line describes a good deal of my post-peace corps first year back in the states.

  4. Excellent post, Jen! And of course I always adore the South Africa references. 🙂 Such a treat to have you with us this week! Enjoy your weekend!

  5. hello!
    I am new to FMF but wanted to say hi. And yes so true about God’s plan being so much better when we allow Him to lead. visiting from #8

    1. Hi Kristina! Glad to “meet” you! 😀 And yes, allowing God to lead and setting aside our expectations…always better!

  6. This is my first time doing the FMF. I have struggled with letting go myself. I have always had certain things that I just expected of my life. Sometimes I work so hard to have things go as I expect that I fail to hear God’s still small voice when I should. He has to give me a harder nudge before I listen.

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