Counted with the Stars {Review}

I recently finished Counted with the Stars by Connilyn Cossette, and I can honestly say it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while. I adore historical fiction, but this setting, plot line, and perspective are surprisingly different than most historical fictions. Counted with the Stars is a refreshing take on story many of us have heard numerous times in church while growing up.

Told from the viewpoint of a young Egyptian elite-turned-slave, this novel revolves around Moses, the plagues, and the exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt. Kiya, the main character, learns to deal with her own cultural prejudices as she becomes friends with a fellow slave, Hebrew-born Shira.

While I’ve heard the story of the plagues of Egypt and the exodus of the Hebrews, seeing it “first hand” made me think how miserable and disheartening that period of history must have been for the Egyptians, but also how joyful yet fearful it had to have been for the Hebrews. The novel is full of twists and turns, which kept me guessing to the last pages. Surprising for a story that I already knew the overall ending to!

I would highly recommend this novel, not just to historical fiction lovers, but to anyone who wants a fresh look at what life in Egypt might have been like during the life of Moses. Woven into this story are tiny details of the culture and language of the Hebrews, and as Kiya learned more about God’s chosen people, I found myself learning as well. The end of the book left me pondering a well-known, incredible story for a while.

Find this book, and read it. You won’t regret it! Travel with Kiya from her privileged life to her sudden station as a slave, and watch as her eyes open to a whole different world as she befriends Shira and her family. Cossette has written an incredibly piece of fiction that rings with seeds of Biblical truths, and it’s well worth your time to read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher, Bethany House, in exchange for my honest review. This post includes affiliate links.


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