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Wholeness of Community {Five Minute Friday}

It’s Five Minute Friday time, when I gather with other writers from all corners of the globe as we write together, for just five minutes, on a common prompt. When we put away the inner editor and just let the words flow. Our gracious hostess, Kate, has all the details on her blog, as well as the link up so YOU can join in!

Today’s prompt is: Whole.


I didn’t realize what I had left behind. What was missing. Nor what stood to be gained.

When I left the church of my youth, I believed I could live a faith-filled life without community. You know, keep reading the Bible, praying, etc. And for too long, this was the reality of my spiritual life. An ember burning, but not shining forth. I didn’t see how community fit into the whole picture.


And then I came back to community, slowly. Timid and wounded, I tiptoed into the church and fell head-first into community. To a whole, Christ-loving, vibrate community. And the wounded places found healing.

And I found a whole new aspect to my faith: what it means to have community amplify your faith.

When your whole world turns to turmoil, what it means to have friends that will show up, no matter what.

Ones who will talk down the dusty roads of a foreign country, willing to have their whole worldview shattered to see as Jesus saw.


Friends who reach out every day, just to see if life’s going well. And when it’s not, they show up.

I discovered a whole new world, a Jesus-loving community ready to walk with me through life. And this has challenged and grown my faith in unexpected ways. Now I can’t imagine life without the wholeness of community. Because you simply don’t understand how vital it is until you experience it.

And then your whole world changes.


Full disclosure, this probably took more than five minutes to write because I had a hyperactive terrier jumping on me, my couch, and my computer the whole time.



18 thoughts on “Wholeness of Community {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Where are the brownies and whole milk? 😉 Just teasing. Thank God for the blessing of a loving community. So glad you found it! And thrilled to have you back with us .. We’ve missed you! 🙂 Have a great weekend .. and enjoy the brownies!

    1. LOL, I’m not sure what kind of terrier/terror she is. I adopted her last fall from a shelter, and she’s very jealous of my computer!

  2. This is wonderful! Since I am still at the other end (slowly detaching myself from community for a while) I find it encouraging to read your story and see what a blessing it is.
    Community amplifies faith – what a great thing!

    1. Sometimes we need a season of “alone”, I think. But I let my own go on far too long, driven by fear and hurt. But what a blessing to be part of a strong community again!

  3. being a believer without community, without a church family is kind of like being in the dessert with water to me. Even in the worst of situations I wouldn’t think (okay, I might think) about deserting the church but …I NEED my people.
    I have also sadly seen many leave the church community and been blown about by their own beliefs, making their own doctrines instead of following God’s way. Great post Jen!
    In the #10 spot today

    1. It’s not a path I would choose to take again, because lack of community wears on your heart. There’s nobody there to ease the burdens of life and help you stand strong. I need my people too!

  4. Hi, Jen, I can relate to your struggle in so many ways. Community saved me years ago and now I keep pressing in. It’s more inviting others in now too. Do you find it that way? Great photos, BTW. Grateful to connect. Christina in spot #37.

  5. I agree and disagree with you, Jen ;). I find church difficult (and I’m in a position where I can’t just go find a new one), and I don’t much enjoy the community there. On the other hand, I find the community of FMF to be much more uplifting and inspiring.

  6. Jen, such a beautiful post about the necessity of walking out our Christian life in community. When God surrounded me with a special group of friends six years ago, I had no idea what richness He was bringing to my life. I call them my “Go Through Life” friends because that’s what we’re doing . . . helping each other through surgeries, hard times, celebrating each other, praying for each other, and encouraging each other as we walk out life on this earth. It’s a priceless gift!!

    I’m so glad God’s placed you in a special community too!

    Enjoy that terrier. 😉

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