Hannah’s Choice {Review}

I recently finished reading Hannah’s Choice by Jan Drexler, which was an intriguing novel set in the Amish community, with several unexpected plot twists. Uniquely, this book is set in the year 1842, in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Being set in the 1800s introduced new aspects of the Amish faith and community, which was a delight to read.

Source: Revell
Source: Revell

The book follows a young Amish woman, Hannah, and her family as they seek to determine their future, whether to stay settled on the Conestoga Creek, or to journey out west on an adventure to seek out a stronger Amish community. Woven into this story are romances, unexpected circumstances, and distinctive characters.

Hannah’s Choice was refreshingly different than the plethora of Amish novels on the market. Set in a different era presented different problems to the Yoder family, and Hannah’s character was a great addition to the storyline. While it includes some of the common plot twists from many Amish novels, it addressed them in a different way and left me guessing at the final outcome until the very end of the novel.

Jan Drelxer’s writing is clear, engaging, and pulled me deep into the story, leaving me unwilling to set the book down. There are a few astonishing plot twists that left me wondering where the story would end up, and at times the personalities of the characters left me unable to stop reading because I so desperately wanted to know what would happen next. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys either Amish novels or historical fiction. You’ll enjoy the book, and I’m sure look forward to future novels in this series, as this is the first one.

About the Author:

Jan Drexler brings a unique understanding of Amish traditions and beliefs to her writing. Her ancestors were among the first Amish, Mennonite, and Brethren immigrants to Pennsylvania in the 1700s. Their experiences are the basis for her stories. Jan lives in South Dakota with her husband, their four adult children, two active dogs, and a cat. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys hiking the Black Hills and the Badlands. She is the author of the Love Inspired novels The Prodigal Son Returns, A Mother for His Children, and A Home for His Family (September 2015).


I received a copy of this novel from the publisher, Revell, in exchange for my honest review. This post includes affiliate links.


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