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Season of Quiet {Five Minute Friday}

It’s not Friday, and it’s nearly a week late, but after a long hiatus, I’m back to join in with the Five Minute Friday crew, where we gather each week to write for just five minutes on a common theme. And this week (actually, last week) is “quiet”. Check out Kate’s blog for the full details, and to meet the other #FMFParty writers.


It’s been an unexpected season in life, and it’s been reflected by quietness in this space. Never have I written so infrequently, or felt so misguided when sitting down to string together a few words.

This has been a season of quiet, but only in this space. In “real life”, it’s been a crazy, busy, awesome season. One where I’m settling into a new house, training a new dog, and finding my way through a new relationship. A season of high-stress and crazy-busy at work, but in that good, challenging, “building a new program” kind of way.

But this quietness. I haven’t figured out where it stems from. And I’ve been pondering it for a while. Is this a season of God-directed quietness? Or fear-directed quietness?

I don’t know.

I know I haven’t felt as discouraged in my writing in quite some time. And yet this season of quiet has led to other things. Journaling more and focusing on living in the present. Living and learning.

And this morning, as I eek out a few words in the morning before work, I find that maybe my road is leading back to writing regularly again. Perhaps it’s time for this season of quiet to end. I’m unsure what the next season will hold, but as I haltingly type out a few words again, I suspect I’ll be back in this space soon.




One thought on “Season of Quiet {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Jen, so glad to see you back! Sometimes a season of quietness is just what the doctor ordered! With a new relationship and a new dog I’m sure there’s not a whole lot of real quiet. Blessings to ya!


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