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Let My Heart Dwell {Five Minute Friday}

It’s time clean this dusty space, knocking down the cobwebs and clearing out the dust, replacing them with words once again. It’s been nearly a month since I wrote anything here (though you wouldn’t know, because I scheduled posts through the end of October while I was in Cambodia). I’ve been quiet since I boarded a plane for an unknown country, but the words are aching to eek out, even though I can’t seem to form a fitting answer to the commonly asked question: “How was Cambodia?”

Anyways, I’m joining up with Kate and the #FMFParty crew for Five Minute Friday, which I haven’t participated in since September. Whoa! Want to join us? Check out the fun at Kate’s place, and write with us for five minutes.

Today’s prompt is: Dwell.


While I was in Cambodia last month, my most common prayer was, “Center my heart. Let it be where You need it to be, God, not where it’s dwelling now.” Because in the midst of 10 days of timezone changes, tuktuk rides, strange foods, death-defying biking through the city, and a strange language, my heart would stray off into a difficult place.

Cambodia smiles

Instead of learning to dwell in the place God wanted me, my heart would naturally dwell on the differences. On my insecurities. On the frustrations of dealing with something radically different.

[bctt tweet=””God, center my heart.” “]

It became a reminder that I wasn’t there for me. Even though I took home so much from this short trip, my purpose was to pour out love on the Cambodians I met, and build up the missionary teams living there full time.

Cambodia cross

And so to combat the “me-focused” attitude that seems to be second nature, I began asking some of the Cambodian missionaries about how they came to know Jesus.

And, oh my heart…

Nothing will center your heart like hearing again and again how young people like myself have given up everything to follow Jesus. Their homes, their families, and everything they held dear.

Nothing will help your heart dwell on gratitude for the place you grew up in like visiting a friend’s home in the slums.

Nothing will break your heart like hearing a testimony from a missionary who embodies what it means to live full out for God.

Cambodia children's church

When we dwell on our difficulties, they multiply. But when we dwell in a place of joy and gratitude, those multiply as well.


These words were a struggle to formulate, and they are just the beginning of sharing my experiences from Cambodia (and might’ve taken a minute or two longer to write than intended). I thank you all so much for your prayers, because they brought me through and helped me dwell on the right teams, and your prayers blessed our entire team immensely.



6 thoughts on “Let My Heart Dwell {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Such a powerful post, Jen! And SO GOOD to have you back with us! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your experience in Cambodia, as the words find their way out and filter through. 🙂 Thank you for this encouragement to refocus today. xx

  2. It was such a privilege to pray for you and your team while in Cambodia. And, I am glad you are home safely. In my spirit though, I sense you are stateside temporarily because your heart is in missions. I wonder! Our God always has a plan and for now you are here, in the in-between, dwelling! xo

  3. Jen, what a beautiful post here today. I love your solution for moving beyond insecurity. Focus on others over self. And your words about whee we dwell multiplying? Either on our difficulties or on joy? Whichever we chooses multiplies. Thanks for kickstarting my weekend with that thought.

  4. Jen, thank you for beginning to share your heart with us. This sounds like a life changing experience. Praise God. I pray the love of Christ remains with those who you touched on your trip and in you as you return home.

  5. Loved this! Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. So much THIS friend: “When we dwell on our difficulties, they multiply. But when we dwell in a place of joy and gratitude, those multiply as well.” I’m parked in the #13 spot this week.

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