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Live Your Season {#write31days}

In the last year or so, I’ve really started looking at my life in seasons. If you’ve read a Bill Hybels book, you’ve probably encountered this notion. But the whole idea is that our life is made of seasons, and there are times of leaving a season, entering a season, or being fully in a season. They last different times, and some are easier than others.

For me, there has been seasons of wandering, seasons of vibrant living, seasons of comfortable, seasons of loss, and seasons everything in between. Some are lived with more joy than others. Some I’ve tried to rush through, hoping the next season would be better.

Live your season

As I’ve started looking at the seasonality of my life, if you will, I’ve come to understand a few things.

First, all seasons end. For some seasons, this is a joyful thing, leaving behind a season of hardship, loss, or even despair. Others I’ve tried to maintain and iron grip on, unwilling to let it go and move onto something different. No matter what, all seasons end. And even when it’s bittersweet, that opens the door to a new beginning.

But I think the most important thing I’ve learned is that I need to be fully in my current season.

[bctt tweet=”I need to live fully and intentionally in my season in life, no matter how difficult it is.”]

Because even when I’m stuck in the middle of a long, difficult season, I can lean into the truth that God hasn’t brought me there for my despair. He’s only brought me there to mold me into a better version of myself. And if I try to rush through a difficult season, I may miss out.

[bctt tweet=”We can reflect on the past and hope for the future, but we need to live fully in this season.”]

By failing to live intentionally in this season of life, to embrace it fully, I am telling God that I don’t believe He has the best plan for me. That my plan is better. And I know that isn’t true.

But if I choose courage and embrace this current season, and all the good and bad it has to offer, I am surrendering my plans for His purposes. Yes, it’s difficult. But 100% worth it, every time. When we surrender our plans, we give God space to use this season to its fullest potential.

This season in your life isn’t in vain. Embrace it and commit to living fully in your season. It may look different than someone else’s, and that’s okay. Don’t get caught in the trap of comparison. Instead, pray that God uses this season to the fullest.

What season are you in?


31 Days: Living Brave


This post is part of my #write31days series for 2015: Living Brave. Each day in October, I will be posting about living brave and what that looks like in everyday life. Curious about 31 Days? Check out the website and the hundreds of other bloggers joining in this year: 31 Days.


One thought on “Live Your Season {#write31days}

  1. Love this. I’ve always appreciated living in an area of the country that has all the seasons. I need to remember that about the seasons of my life.

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