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Unmade {#write31days}

It’s natural to want to hold it all together. In this society of appearances and perfection, it has become ingrained in most of us to smile and hide the unpretty things. Even when life isn’t pretty, we soldier on, sometimes barely hanging onto this facade of normal.

To me, brave is allowing others a glimpse into our lives. Beyond that, it’s allowing the imperfect times to happen. Because no matter how hard we try to avoid it, there will always be rough times. And honestly? Sometimes those rough times are vital in molding us into who we need to be.

[bctt tweet=”Sometimes we need to be brave and allow ourselves to be unmade.”]

We need to hand the reins over to God and let Him break down our lives and piece it back together.

When we are standing there, stripped down from all that we know, we are left only with ourselves and God. The distractions of the world fall away. and we are unmade. Left staring at who we truly are and who God is calling us to be.


And there is a choice.

[bctt tweet=”And in that moment of being unmade, we have two choices: flee or lean into God.”]

I know you can imagine which choice I am encouraging you to make.

You see, when we flee, we are left without anything to hold us up. And while being unmade is difficult and crazy-scary, it has huge potential. But when we flee, we miss out. The difficult times are wasted, and we feel beaten-down, deep at the soul level.

If we lean into God, though, He will take our battered, unmade self, and remake us. Molding us into who He wants us to be, coaxing out those qualities buried deep inside us, ones He planted within us the moment He created us. And as we’re remade, those selfish, soul-defeating qualities are left on the table, replaced with more of His love, compassion, and grace.

When we embrace being unmade, we welcome God in to remake us into the best version of ourselves.

Don’t get me wrong: This is not a once-and-done thing. We have to constantly lean on God and cling to the good things He plants within us, because the world is constantly trying to sow seed of despair, greed, and selfishness deep within us. And when those seeds find a foothold, the grow exponentially.

An integral part of faith is allowing God to change us. And when we find ourselves in a moment of being completely unmade, if we allow God the room to remake us, we will be astonished by the changes He makes.

But it’s all a choice: flee, or lean into God. Friends, be brave and lean in.


31 Days: Living Brave

This post is part of my #write31days series for 2015: Living Brave. Each day in October, I will be posting about living brave and what that looks like in everyday life. Curious about 31 Days? Check out the website and the hundreds of other bloggers joining in this year: 31 Days.


6 thoughts on “Unmade {#write31days}

  1. Ah, that’s the key, isn’t it?! To realize that we must be unmade daily (or at least a lot more often than we think we need it!). We are constantly in need of remodeling and touch ups. Thank you for the reminder!

  2. Jen…yes. I wrote a post today that honestly unveiled a struggle of mine that had me undone. I did not want to push publish. I want to hide those times & slap on my happy face instead. But I cant. Because that isnt true faith. True faith….bravery as you said is found in the undone moments where we dont understand. Thank you for faithfully writing this month. Blessed me!

  3. Yes. It’s not fun to be stripped, but it’s necessary isn’t it. “Unmade” is a much better term. I love the video too, thanks for including it. Music feeds my soul and I actually hadn’t heard this song before!

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