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You Make Me Brave {#write31days}

It’s a song I’ve heard many times on the radio, and eventually during worship services as church: You Make Me Brave. To me, it’s become an anthem.

Even when I don’t feel brave, God makes me brave.

Do you see how beautiful this is? In life, we are constantly called out to be brave. And sometimes it’s during times when we are worn ragged, fraying at the edges, just trying to get back to a semblance of normalcy in a season of abnormal. And even though we don’t think we can possibly manage it, God calls us to be brave again.

Why? I have no clue. Maybe it’s to build us. Stretch us. Grow us.

Maybe it’s to break us. Because in our breaking, we grow stronger.

But in those times when we don’t think bravery is possible, because we. just. can’t. In those times God kindles an unexpected bravery that surpasses anything we could imagine.

You Make Me Brave

He just can’t help but make us brave.

Because in all honesty, life was meant to be lived brave. Think about all those moments, big and small, in your life that you chose to be brave. Really think about it. And then ask…where did that brave come from?

It’s within us, just wanting to be called forth. But sometimes it takes more than we have in us to dig up the courage and embrace brave. And that’s when God steps in an pulls that brave out of us, making us brave.

God, you make me brave. And keep making me brave. Make these readers brave too, so that we can become a community of brave.


This post is part of my #write31days series for 2015: Living Brave. Each day in October, I will be posting about living brave and what that looks like in everyday life. Curious about 31 Days? Check out the website and the hundreds of other bloggers joining in this year: 31 Days.


12 thoughts on “You Make Me Brave {#write31days}

  1. It gets easier with more practice, this brave thing, doesn’t it? Sometimes it stinks that the practice comes from bumps in the road, but the bumps make us tougher and stronger for the next one.

  2. This is a good perspective that really blessed me this morning. I don’t think I really thought of being brave before, during struggles. Strong, yes. Hopeful, yes. I guess when you think about it, brave encompasses them both. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I think it’s easy to overlook the bravery, but it’s definitely there! Because wouldn’t it be easier to give up and give in?

  3. Yes!! So funny, I wrote the lyrics to that song at the first of my guest post for you and for some reason changed it…we think too much alike 🙂 your bravery posts encourage my 31 days faith journey so much! So glad I was introduced to your blog 🙂

  4. Beautiful song that we sing during our worship at church and our youth group also sings this song. Reminds me of the Holy Spirit calling us.

  5. Love this song! We sang it all throughout our brave series at church back in the spring. The words which really got me when I was reading this tonight were that maybe God breaks us to make us brave. He needs us to release ourselves to Him fully so He can make us brave. We are made stronger when we are broken and isn’t that where brave has a better chance of entering in??? Good words! I’m loving writing about brave! Hope you are too.

    1. We also started singing it at church during our brave series last winter, and it’s still worked in now and then. And yes, I am enjoying writing about brave, but it’s definitely challenging me!

  6. Love THIS: “God, you make me brave. And keep making me brave. Make these readers brave too, so that we can become a community of brave.” That sing has become my theme song this year. I’m so thankful that God makes me brave!

  7. I heard this for the first time in church a few weeks ago and stood there with my tears streaming down my face. What a beautiful gift that we can be strong and courageous in Him because the true battle has already been won.

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