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Uncomfort Zone {#write31days}

I like comfort. That’s the zone where I feel like I do my best, because I know what to expect, how to do things, and what will happen next. Comfort and me totally get along. However, often enough (maybe too often, for my liking), God asks me to move outside my comfort zone. Into my uncomfort zone, if you will.

uncomfort zone

I’m one of those weird people who likes change. Growing up, we moved several time, and each time I adored the moving and settling-in process. That’s changed a little now that I’m the one in charge of moving all my things, and after moving 7 times in the last 4 years, and gearing up towards moving into my very own house (hopefully this month). But change and me? We’ve been pretty good friends.

Committing to moving to Africa for two years was almost easy. It wasn’t done flippantly, but after I knew that was God’s plan, I went forward with it full on.

Until I found out that I might have to live with a host family for the entire two years.

I like comfort, remember? And host family situations are full of so much awkwardness. Suddenly I was like, “Oh Peace Corps, hold the phone!”

“God had to push me out of my comfort zone, because otherwise I wouldn’t have pushed myself.” -Kristen Strong, Girl Meets Change

This was deep into my uncomfort zone. I had to really, really think about whether I could handle it. I remember staring at the placement document, one of the last pieces needed to assign me a country, and just re-reading the question “Are you prepared to live with a host family for the entire two years of your service? Yes or no?”

[bctt tweet=”I so badly wanted to check ‘no’.”]

For most Peace Corps Volunteers, they live with a host family for 2-3 months during training, then they move into their own apartment or flat for two years. But in some countries, for whatever reason (often security) they assigned volunteers a host family for the entire two years of service. And I 100% did not want this.

But I had agreed to say “yes” and go where God led me, and so I clicked “yes”, pretty much sure I would regret it.

I didn’t. There were many, many, MANY awkward moments. I can’t emphasize this enough. But living with a host family was also a huge blessing, and I learned so much more about the culture by living with the Tladinyane family. By agreeing to something that put me outside my comfort zone, I learned to trust God in the growing process.

“Then and now, I look to the horizon and pray, ‘I trust You, God. I will trade my what is for what will be because you know what’s best for me.” -Kristen Strong, Girl Meets Change

Sometimes brave grows gradually, and we don’t notice the many times we’ve said small, brave “yeses”. But the ones that give us the most grief are the ones that seem like a pivotal moment. But no matter the situation, the brave choice is worth it. Stepping beyond your comfort zone allows you to stretch and grow in unimaginable ways.

I love comfort, but I grow the most when I am uncomfortable.

Are you willing to embrace your uncomfort zone?


This post is part of my #write31days series for 2015: Living Brave. Each day in October, I will be posting about living brave and what that looks like in everyday life. Curious about 31 Days? Check out the website and the hundreds of other bloggers joining in this year: 31 Days.


14 thoughts on “Uncomfort Zone {#write31days}

    1. That’s how I felt when I lived abroad…and oddly enough now that I’m back in my hometown (which took a whole different sort of brave). It’s amazing how we grow in those uncomfortable places!

  1. Hi, I am visiting from the 31 Dayers FB group. I have found this true as well – I definitely like my comfort zone, but God does so many things in our lives when we let Him lead us out of that zone.

  2. Much to our chagrin, often the best results come from following Christ by stepping out of our comfort zones.

    I’m not like you – change and I have never had a great relationship. But I have learned to try my best to accept what comes, and trust that He has it figured out (even when I have no idea what I’m doing!)

  3. With new experiences new uncomfort zones. And yet, yes so much transformation and growth when we engage in those places.
    Enjoying your series! (well maybe more than enjoy, challenged by)

    1. Thanks Melanie! I have definitely seen lots of transformation when I’ve lived outside my uncomfort zone. It’s not easy or fun, but it’s worth it.

  4. I don’t like being uncomfortable eithe but it is during those times that I’ve indeed been stretched and changed for sure. God has a way of moving us out of our comfort into the uncomfortable so we can be brave!

  5. I love the term ‘uncomfort zone’ ! I’m another who likes change and so I’ve realised that actually staying still is my uncomforted zone. This year I chose / was chosen by the word rooted. It’s been my word for 2015 and it speaks to this whole idea of being in your uncomfort zone and trusting God. Thanks for articulating these things here.

  6. When you are called to do something, even though it makes you scared or uncertain, it always turns out great. That’s amazing that you went to Africa! I bet the experience was awesome!

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