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Words of Power {#FMFPartySnailMail}

Words are powerful.

Too often, they are powerful in the wrong ways. They tear us down and break our wills. Crush us into the ground, taking the fight out of us in the process. This world? It’s rough. We can so easily see the ways we don’t measure up, or can’t catch up. And while we often like to pretend it’s the words of others that do us the greatest damage, too often it’s our own words that leave us the most discouraged.

Because we not only fight against a harsh world, but we face one inside ourselves. That constant dialogue that says we don’t measure up…that we won’t even measure up.

The one that kicks us when we’re down and leaves us grasping for a shred of hope.

And this is why encouragement is so important. It’s not just a nice thing to do for someone. It might be a vital thing. A few short words of encouragement could be a lifeline during a really tough day. It is one of the few things that has the power to vanquish the naysaying voices we hear everyday. It’s one of the few things that has the power to lift us up and give us strengtht.

For the past year and a half, I’ve been part of a movement called #FMFPartySnailMail. I’ve seen how a letter from a blog-friend turns my day around, putting a smile on my face when everything has gone wrong. You ladies? You who have sent me cards of encouragement in the mail? You’ve no idea how powerful your words are.

Yes, we face harsh words every. single. day. But when we land ourselves in community, God can use those around us to change everything. And a simple card in the mail can make a world of difference.


So, for you #FMFPartySnailMail ladies, I have a super-awesome giveaway! Fun, right? These items have been donated by some of our generous members of the #FMFPartySnailMail community, and the only requirement is that you are part of Round 7. Easy, right? Just use the widget below to enter!

And if you’ve heard of this thing called #FMFPartySnailMail, but don’t know how to get involved, leave a comment and I’ll make sure you know when the next round starts. Because you don’t want to miss out. Trust me.

#fmfpartysnailmail giveaway – week 6


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