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Learn Unexpectedly {Five Minute Friday}

It’s Friday, which means it’s Five Minute Friday time. After the #FMFRetreat last weekend, I was bummed to miss out on the Thursday night Twitter part due to work. However, it’s time to write! Just for five minutes, together on a common theme. To join us, check out Kate’s blog, our lovely hostess of Five Minute Fridays!

Today’s word is “learn”.

When I left the USA to serve with the Peace Corps in South Africa, I heard again and again that I would learn more than my community would. While I was going over there to serve them, I was told that I would likely take away as much or more than they would from my time there. And, inevitably, the people I heard this from were spot on.

change the world

You see, when we immerse ourselves in a new culture, no matter the reason, we change. Our priorities shift, our eyes open, and our hearts start to change. And two years in another country left countless lessons learned and a radically changed small-town Iowa girl. 

I stand now on the cusp on another unexpected adventure. This fall, I will be headed to Cambodia on a short-term mission trip with the Bridge. I have no clue what to expect. I don’t even know what we’ll be doing. But I know I will learn a few things. And as I approach this trip, in later October, I pray God can use me to serve the people at Youth With a Mission in Battambang, Cambodia.

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But I know He will use this trip to help me learn a few things. To teach me a few critical lessons. To break my heart and rebuild it in a different way.

It’s scary, but it’s also necessary. Because when we learn what He wants us to hear, our hearts start to beat for what His heart beats for. And our dreams begin to align with His.

Yes, it’s a little scary traveling halfway around with world with 4 other Americans to do whatever it is we’ll do. Not having the details stresses me out, but it leaves room for me to learn trust. 

And that’s a lesson worth learning.


If you know me, you know this is not the season in life that I would choose to Cambodia. In this season of buying and remodeling a house, I dragged my feet and somewhat reluctantly signed up for the trip, knowing it didn’t make sense financially. And while I’ve felt attacked by the enemy since I sent in my application for the trip, I’ve also seen God’s hand working in unexpected ways to provide.

However, if you would like to support my trip to Cambodia, you can either donate here, contact me about donating stuff for my garage sale (local friends), or-most importantly-pray.



5 thoughts on “Learn Unexpectedly {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Wow!! I will pray my friend! I have no doubt that you will be blessed by this trip and the people you serve. Love you friend! I’m parked over in the #12 spot this week!

  2. Wow – you have some amazing experiences and more to come this Fall! And the best part is that God is using you to bless others in different countries and bring them to the Lord.

    It’s so awesome to hear how the Lord is using you and all that you are learning. Nice to meet you on the Five-Minute Friday link-up!

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