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#FMFRetreat Free Write: Tell

Last weekend, during the Five Minute Friday Retreat, we all gathered together in one room and wrote for five minutes, like our usual weekly Five Minute Friday. Except it wasn’t normal at all.

Because instead of gathering on Twitter, we gathered in person and wrote together-truly together-for five minutes. Beforehand, we all wrote down prompts on slips of paper, and one was picked out of a bag. Then we sat for a few minutes, then started writing.

#FMFRetreat Free Write
#FMFRetreat Free Write

Pretty much like we do each week, but in a radically different way. Because we were there.

And then we read aloud our writings, which was both scary and beautiful.

So here is the result of our #FMFRetreat free write on the word “tell”.


It’s not something I often tell people. It’s scary, because it puts me in a place of vulnerability.

So I play it down. “Oh, I just blog a little, you know?” or “I write about this or that…” But I never really tell people about how much joy writing brings me. I don’t mention my dreams or tell them how much writing plays into everything I do. The weaving together of words and creating something from nothing.

The impact of black letters against a white screen.

Because I’m afraid.

Afraid of the questions. The judgments. Or the explanations of everything I’m writing about.

And the mistaken assumptions about bloggers, or people who meet up with people they know online.

And so I hide it. I wave off the inquiries and pretend writing is a hobby, not a lifeline.

Because admitting what it means sets myself up for failure and ridicule. It’s a risk, and some days I’m not brave enough to take it. It means baring my soul through my words, for anyone to read.

And more often than not, my journal sits neglected and my keyboard gathers dust, waiting for me to swallow my fears and expectations and say “yes”. To leave everything behind and embrace everything ahead.

I’ll be sharing more about the retreat this week, but know that it was an incredibly encouraging and blessing-filled weekend, and meeting a number of the women I write with each week was amazing.


But for now I leave you with this…

What things are you told that just aren’t true about yourself?

Stop listening, and hold fast to the truth that you are loved by an almighty God, who has created you to do amazing things!




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