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Here in this Place {Five Minute Friday}

It’s #FMFParty time, where we gather together and write freely, for just five minutes, together. Then we link up at Kate’s place. Won’t you join us?


Here is this place, the space where the words flow freely…this unexpected place where writing meets community and beautiful things happen. This is the place where online encouragers and writers become in-person friends. And hereΒ in the real world, friendships form and blossom, an unexpected blessing in an ever-more-connected world.


It’s something I never imagined would happen when I first started writing with the Five Minute Friday community two years ago. I wasn’t one who thought I would meet up with the women I write with each week, let alone attend a retreat with them. And yet, here I sit in Nashville, gathering with a couple dozen women for a weekend of fellowship, writing, and encouragement.

Here in this space where the online world crashes into the real world, and virtual friendships are cemented into reality.

In the place where Twitter handles and blog profiles are replaced with real names, hugs, and laughter.

We gather here, united through years of writing together, furiously pounding out five minutes, pouring our hearts and souls into a few words each week. Sharing, commenting, encouraging. Both old friends and new, striving to let go of inhibitions, fears, and self-imposed limitations.

And here is where it transforms into the ever-so-real, long-awaited #FMFRetreat. And yet it’s happened three other times as well, when I’ve met with other lovely #FMFParty ladies in the real world.

What a beautiful reality! And what an unexpected blessing.


live video chat


18 thoughts on “Here in this Place {Five Minute Friday}

    1. Oh Holly, it was such a blessing to meet you and work with you (and of course, Vox you about strange Southern customs)! πŸ™‚ So glad everything worked out for #FMFRetreat to happen!

  1. I am so glad for this beautiful reality because here I am sitting with you right now. We are blessed by community that loves well and cares deeply. Can’t wait to see how the weekend unfolds!

    1. I can’t even talk about how amazing it was to sit next to you and #FMFParty and spend so much time with your wonderful self this weekend! Just…simple amazing.

  2. Jen,
    beautiful! I loved seeing your face on the video. And God has you “here” for such a time as this. You matter. You are somebody. And what He has planned through you to glorify His name is greater than you could ever imagine!
    Be blessed this weekend!! I’m very excited for you.
    (#5 this week)

    1. Thank you Tammy! What a blessing you are, and it’s SO exciting to know you were on the video (though there was a lot of craziness on there LOL)!

  3. Love this post! Your words capture so well what I’m feeling too. Hoping to write a post about it next week. Blessings on the retreat. Love you all so much!!

    1. It was such a surprise blessing to meet you in Nashville Tara! I hope you had a wonderful time with your sister, and I’m so glad you were able to meet a handful of the #FMFParty women!

  4. What a glorious experience for the real to be real-er! You already had community, and now it is richer than ever! I’m so glad to have been there virtually, to be one small voice of encouragement in the journey. May God bless the remainder of your time together, and thank you for inviting me in for a glimpse of the beauty that is Five-Minute Friday. Being there drew me here, to your space.

    1. Thank you Ann! We all were SO encouraged by the chat we had with you and Charity. Definitely not a small voice…but a huge voice of encouragement to all of us! It was so great to hear your voices and see the passion you have for writers, and know that you gave up time on your weekend to encourage us in our journeys. It was such a blessing!

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