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Overwhelming Dreams {Five Minute Friday}

It’s Five Minute Friday, when I join up with wonderful women from around the world as we write together, freely, for just five minutes. Leaving the editor behind, we write without inhibition. Check out Kate’s blog for the link-up, #FMFRetreat information, and all the other amazing Five Minute Friday awesomeness!


I remember when I was on Mefloquine, an anti-malarial drug I had to take for a while while traveling in South Africa. My dreams were so vivid that I often couldn’t tell if I was awake or not. Emotions ratcheted up to the highest level, leaving me terrified and confused upon waking.

Sometimes when I get a glimpse into the plans God has for me, I feel the same way. So big and unachievable where I am right now, that I can’t imagine ever seeing them come to fruition.

overwhelming dreams

Especially as I hear lies from the Enemy repeatedly whispered into my eats. The fear of missing the mark, or falling short grows with each whispered word, and it seems I grow farther and farther away from the God-Sized dreams the more I dwell on them.

But, God.

He pushes back the naysaying thoughts and shouts words of hope into my heart. With those “you don’t have to do it alone”‘s and the “don’t worry, you can handle it with Me around”s.

And how can I possibly ignore that?

And yet, the cycle continues. I get discouraged and start to believe in all I can’t do, rather than all God can do.

Praise Him, that He always returns with an abundance of hope. Because, yes, He has big plans in the future that scare me a little bit. But He also has plans for me here in the presence, and just because they seem a little more achievable, doesn’t mean they aren’t just as important. 


(And as I side note, I did get off that specific anti-malarial drug after all those crazy dreams!)


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2 thoughts on “Overwhelming Dreams {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Oh yes HE has plans and I know where you are coming from. Even though I don’t know exactly what my next steps are, I can be sure that God does and He has been whispering loudly that it will be BIG for me and perhaps a bit scary. I love that I know that much for sure. SO I spend time dreaming, listening and waiting for it all to unfold. Great words!

  2. Oh yes – I think we all know this cycle all too well… listening to the lies, and then, yet again, gloriously hearing Truth! Praying with you and for you for His great dreams over you to become Dreams Come True!

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