Five Minute Friday

When We Meet {Five Minute Friday}

You know that awkward moment of meeting someone you know of, but haven’t met? Or, goodness, don’t know at all?

Often in life you face that awkwardness. Those interviews, first dates, first day on the job, parties, receptions, or long lines at the grocery store.

But sometimes you have the blessed experience of meeting a total stranger and having a “heart click”. Without knowing them, you know them. Without having ever seen them before, your hearts communicate on a deeper level.

When I lived abroad with the Peace Corps, I could meet another Peace Corps Volunteer from any country in the world at the Backpackers in Pretoria, and we would instantly be friends. We would understand the struggles, joys, and fears common to the Peace Corps. No matter our backgrounds, upbrings, country of service, sector, or age, it was there. That instant connection.

Even now, meeting a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, that connection exists. That “heart click” is a real thing.

And you know what else? When I meet some of these #FMFParty ladies in August, at the first ever Five Minute Friday Retreat, I know we’ll have a heart click. We will meet in face for the first time, but we already see into each other’s hearts. When we meet, it will be a glorious thing.

Sometimes, when you meet someone new, it’s super awkward. But sometimes, God moves in the small things and makes that first meeting something truly incredible.

And knowing that, I’m super excited to meet everyone who is coming to the #FMFRetreat!


Registration for the first ever Five Minute Friday Retreat IS OPEN! Check it outright here! 

Click here for more details about the retreat, and click here for ticket info on the registration form. Kate’s blog is full of information about the retreat!

Here are the basic details:

Tickets for the whole retreat are $180.

This includes two nights of accommodation, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, and Sunday breakfast. Cost of transportation and Saturday dinner are not included in the ticket price.

Tickets for Saturday only are $45. Day visitors are welcome from 9:30am-4pm on Saturday.

The day visit ticket includes a morning discussion, a special presentation, lunch, and an afternoon session.

There are 25 retreat tickets and 10 day visitor tickets available. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

** No refunds are available for cancellations. You may sell your own ticket to another person if you purchase a ticket and are unable to attend.**

Registration information can be found here!


And even more exciting is a sponsorship from Fistbump Media!


Beyond just being a sponsor, which would be awesome enough, they are graciously offering this: SHOP

Amazing, right? So if you haven’t signed up for the #fmfretreat, you’ve got no excuses now! Check it out and register here!



10 thoughts on “When We Meet {Five Minute Friday}

  1. Oh how I wish I could be at the retreat in August to hug necks and feel heart clicks but know I will be praying for each one that does get to attend. I also pray for a a 2nd annual retreat in 2016 that I will get to attend.

  2. A ‘heart-click” – I love that! It’s so true – sometimes you just know that God brought you together and everything lines us just so. It’s beautiful that He cultivates those friendships for us. It’s been a joy getting to know you and my heart is sad that I won’t be at FMFRetreat – but I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  3. I’m one of those “late” posters on FMF. Thought I would take the challenge and meet someone else in our select group. Meeting new people is difficult, but we meet new people every day. It’s how we grow. Enjoy the retreat!

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