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Never Discount Tomorrow {Five Minute Friday}

It’s time for Five Minute Friday…but first: Registration for the FIRST EVER Five Minute Friday Retreat is OPEN! Get your tickets here! They are selling fast!

It’s time write freely with the #fmfparty gang, where we gather to write together on one word, letting the words flow without editing.

Today’s prompt is: Tomorrow.

There seems to be so much hope in this simple word. Tomorrow is a whole new day, brimming with possibilities. Uncharted, unknown, untainted.

And at the same time, it’s full of fear. Uncertainty. Blind.

It’s an unknown entity, and each day we walk blindly into a new tomorrow, facing a new day. Whether with hope or trepidation, one day turns into another, and time marches on. As the days pass on, I begin to wonder.

Am I facing my tomorrows intentionally? Or am I frittering them away?

Because someday, there will be no tomorrow. It could be three weeks from now, or seventy years from now. Living like there’s no tomorrow isn’t practical everyday, but living with a heart wide open to welcome tomorrow is.

God guides what comes, and though I’ve no clue what that is, I need not fear. Neither do you, friends. 

Some of your tomorrows will be filled with anguish and mourning, leaving you unwilling to face another. And some will fill you with such joy and gratitude that you will think your heart is bursting.

But no matter what, never discount the blessing of another tomorrow. Never take it for granted. Never forget that no matter what tomorrow holds, you can face it with hope.



Registration for the first ever Five Minute Friday Retreat IS OPEN! Check it out right here! 

Click here for more details about the retreat, and click here for ticket info on the registration form. Kate’s blog is full of information about the retreat!

Here are the basic details:

Tickets for the whole retreat are $180.

This includes two nights of accommodation, Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast, Saturday lunch, and Sunday breakfast. Cost of transportation and Saturday dinner are not included in the ticket price.

Tickets for Saturday only are $45. Day visitors are welcome from 9:30am-4pm on Saturday.

The day visit ticket includes a morning discussion, a special presentation, lunch, and an afternoon session.

There are 25 retreat tickets and 10 day visitor tickets available. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

** No refunds are available for cancellations. You may sell your own ticket to another person if you purchase a ticket and are unable to attend.**

Registration information can be found here!



Also…exciting news! We’ve gotten a sponsor for the #fmfretreat! ViBella Jewelry will be sponsoring part of the retreat, and will be doing a fun presentation/activity. This company is AMAZING! It uses recycled material to make BEAUTIFUL jewelry, which support local artisans in Haiti and Mexico. We are thrilled to work with them during the retreat, and hear more about the wonderful things they do. Check out more of their story here!



16 thoughts on “Never Discount Tomorrow {Five Minute Friday}

  1. “God guides what comes.” There’s a lot of comfort in that, isn’t there? Whatever comes our way has to go through Him first. We may not understand it, but we can at least know that He means it for good. All of it.

    1. There is so much comfort in that. While sometimes I’d like to control it all and know it all, sometimes it’s far easier to just say, “Hey God, I know You’ve got this” and let it go.

  2. What a great reminder that all we ever really have is today. Everyday is truly a gift. I am trying to be much more intentional with how I spend my time. Less time engaged in worry and fret and more time, emotions, deep conversations engaging with others and leading them to Him!
    Love from

  3. Am I facing my tomorrows intentionally? Is a question I keep in my mind as much as possible since reading Jean Fleming’s book Pursue the Intentional Life. Enjoy the retreat.

  4. Such a sweet post encouraging HOPE! I do love Hebrews and all the hope verses there, and I celebrate he life of our new niece that is has the middle name Hope. She was born to parents who waited and prayed for her. Our lives are so special and fragile. Great reminders here to hope in tomorrow even when today may be joyous or troublesome! 🙂 Jenn

  5. Yes!!! We don’t know what our tomorrow holds. But God does, doesn’t he? No matter if our tomorrows are filled with joy or sadness God is there in the midst of that tomorrow.

  6. I used to take tomorrow for granted but when my husband has a heart attack at 42 I realized that we truly are not promise that the sun will rise again. I am learning that each one is a blessing of its own no matter what.

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