Your Beautiful Heart Review

Photo Credit: Amazon
Photo Credit: Amazon

I recently read Your Beautiful Heart by Lauren Scruggs with Lisa Velthouse, which is a devotional on love, faith, and friendship. This book is aesthetically gorgeous, with beautiful word art throughout the book, which enhances the devotionals. The book is divided into several sections, which each section containing a handful of devotions related to each section heading. This allows the reader to delve deeply into each section, thoroughly examining each topic through scripture, prayer, and a short anecdote.

I would highly recommend this book for any woman or young female who needs a little encouragement. Lauren’s words are a breath of fresh air, and spoke truth into my heart. This certainly isn’t a “how-to” book, but rather a “me too” book where the author shares her heart and her own struggles. The more I’ve read, the more I have identified with her words and her stories. While her life story is entirely unique, the struggles she has faced aren’t, and her words would resonate with any woman struggling with self-doubt, body image issues, peer pressure, being alone, feeling inadequate, and so on.

This book takes some difficult topics and makes them relevant to any woman, offering encouragement the whole time. It could be read as a 31 day devotional or with a group as a Bible study. Each chapter has a few questions for the reader to ponder, which allows you to stop and think a moment, savoring the message and burying it in your heart.

What is my greatest take-away from this book? That God has created us to be unique, strong women with beautiful hearts, and though life often beats us up and leaves us wounded, God is always near when we need refuge. And though the world speaks a different message, we can be sure that God created our beautiful selves, with no fault or regret.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

About the Authors:

Lauren on her wedding day. Photo credits: Lindsey Brittain and Kat Harris
Lauren on her wedding day. Photo credits: Lindsey Brittain and Kat Harris

Lauren Scruggs is the founder and editor of LOLO Magazine, an online lifestyle hub that unites all things fashion, beauty, and health. Lauren was born in Redondo Beach and raised in Dallas, so you can call her a California girl whose roots are deep in the heart of Texas. Her love for fashion has been tightly sewn through her internship experience in the wardrobe department for CW’s Gossip Girl, the Michael Kors showroom in New York City, and reporting for the New York, Paris, and Montreal Fashion Weeks. In February of 2013, Lauren covered the New York Fashion Week as the fashion correspondent for E! News. In addition, she is a regular Style Squad reporter on The Broadcast in Dallas and is currently collaborating with Outline the Sky in creating a “LOLO” T-shirt line. Lauren emcees specific fundraising events for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital and Children’s Hospital and enjoys hosting fashion events at Neiman Marcus and other stores. Lauren’s first book, Still LoLo, was published in 2012. Along with Bethany Hamilton, Lauren started a yearly retreat for girls who have lost a limb to create a community and encourage others on their journey. After discovering that insurance companies view prostheses as a luxury instead of a necessity, Lauren is in the process of starting a foundation with the intent to provide beautiful prostheses for many people in need.

Lisa Velthouse is a freelance writer and speaker. The author and contributor of five books, including Saving My First Kiss and Craving Grace, she was also once the Brio Girl for Briomagazine. She’s the wife to an active-duty Marine Corps infantry officer and the mom of two small children. Read Lisa’s blog and find out more about her at


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