Five Minute Friday

In Need of a Break {Five Minute Friday}

I’ve been running full tilt since nearly January. There’s scarcely been a week where I haven’t had overtime, and this month alone, I worked 20 days straight. My body has been weary. My soul has grown weary.

I’ve needed a break.


The pace of my job ebbs and flows through the year, and the last six weeks have left me stressed in a way I haven’t felt since my senior year of college. Late nights and early mornings. Being home to sleep, and rarely anything else. Books set aside, television shows missed, and calls gone unreturned.

This space, my writing space, has been eerily quiet.

This weekend is the first weekend in a couple of months that I can claim as fully my own. Without anything work-related, or any commitments beyond serving at church.

And over the past few months, when I’ve been weary and stressed and wondering if it’s all worth it…

That hour each week of serving as a small group leader for 4th-5th grade girls? That has been my break.

That has been the time where I’ve been refreshed and rebuilt. Encouraged and rested. The craziness of Bridge Kids and 50 elementary ages kids in a room (before breaking into small groups)…that’s been my break. Sitting down with my handful of small group girls and chatting about Jesus? That’s what has refreshed me.


Call me crazy, but I love it.


It’s time for Five Minute Friday. You know the drill, right? When we write together, for five minutes only, a common prompt.

Where we silence the editor within and simply write, uninhibited.

Where, on nights like tonight, I start, having no clue where I’ll end up.

Come write with us, friend. Be welcomed, because you are.

Exciting things are happening! Did you know that the #fmfparty community is getting together in August for our first ever Five Minute Friday Retreat? Can you say AWESOME??


I’m on the planning team with Kate, Holly, and Mary, and while we’re still ironing out details, we have a date, location, and price for the #fmfretreat. Check out All. The. Details. at Kate’s place, and prepare for registration to open on Thursday, April 16th at 9pm EST.



27 thoughts on “In Need of a Break {Five Minute Friday}

  1. This is great, Jen! Such a picture of how amazing Jesus is. When He invites us to work with Him, He always provides the strength and the excitement needed – and it winds up being refreshing! Plus talking with kids about God is a total hoot. πŸ™‚

    1. It is a total hoot! And that age group is so precious. Like sponges, soaking it all up. But also facing some very real things that makes a strong relationship with Jesus SO important.

  2. Love that your break is talking with kids – they are amazing and so refreshing! Praying for more “you” time in the coming weeks – that is so necessary!

  3. I love your break from it all. Sometimes it is the one more thing in our busy schedules that becomes the thing we cannot live without. Beautiful way to describe it. So excited about upcoming meeting in real life and fun, fun, fun!!!

    1. I was afraid to commit to being a small group leader at first, worried that it would be too much. But I had no idea how much it would grow my own faith, and build me up.

    1. Well there’s 50-some kids in the room to start with any give week. But then we break up into small groups, and I normally only work with 6-10 girls, which is manageable and FUN!

  4. Amidst the craziness, I’m glad you’ve had that hour every week to unwind and take it easy. I, myself, have had a crazy start to this year as well and know just how hard it can be to feel refreshed and alive during the hectic times.

    1. It’s amazing how a little thing….one which should probably add stress to my life, ends up strengthening me in those times.

  5. Love that being with those kids has been your break. That’s one of my fave pieces of my call/job; teaching and talking about Jesus with kids.

    1. It is such a huge blessing! And thankfully things are starting to slow down, which I count as another HUGE blessing.

  6. Kids (and Jesus) have a way of rejuvenating your spirit…to put a spring in your step when you want to stomp down fitfully. Praise God you’ve had these girls as it certainly sounds like you need a break!

    1. They certainly are rejuvenating! I’ve been incredibly blessed by the group of girls and the group of people I serve with, and they all have put a spring in my step.

    1. Yes, I’m certifiably crazy!

      And God definitely has been working in all this. I dare say I’m more blessed (or lucky) than the kids are in all this!

  7. Jen, I’m so sorry your schedule has gone at BREAKneck speed lately. But how wonderful that you’re able to view time with 50 5th graders as “I GET to take a break.” (If it were me, I fear I’d be thinking, “I HAVE to…” May God bless your time with these girls. And may He give you more time to take breaks!

    Hope your free weekend will refresh you.

    1. Well, I only work with about 6-10 of them in the small group. But the first half hour of Bridge Kids is 50 kids in a room playing, singing, learning, etc, until we break up into small groups. So that part is a little crazy! πŸ™‚ But I love the big group as well.

  8. It’s so necessary to find space – even in the busy for rejuvenation, a space where we can think and dream and enjoy…..loved your post. Especially loved your beautiful photos! {A FMF friend}

  9. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that talking about Jesus with little kids brings you refreshment! Kind of like having teenagers over for cookies soothes my soul. There’s something about service that refreshes, isn’t there?

    1. Yes Anita! As crazy as it can be in the moment, it’s refreshing too. I think it’s the whole “giving of yourself” that ends up being more of a blessing than a sacrifice in the end.

  10. Yes, I know what you mean. I’ve worked so much in the last few weeks and one hour ago, my Easter break started. What a relief! We need breaks once in a while…
    You’re also so right about having little breaks in between. While some people say service isn’t a break, it still can be. Jesus can refresh us through service and other people. Keep it up and may you find rest and refreshment in ways never expected!

  11. Loved this, Jen! I think there was a little piece of my heart that smiled when you talked about meeting with those 4th and 5th graders. My oldest is in 5th grade and I am so grateful for those of you who take the time to use your “breaks” to tend to their hearts and instill the love of Christ into them. So nicely written! Visiting from #fmf today.

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