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#FMFPartySnailMail {Community in Your Mailbox}

It’s a simple thing, really. To address a letter, stick on a stamp, and slip it in the mail. How ordinary is that?

snail mail love

And yet, over the past year, I’ve seen how powerful this simple thing can be. I’ve seen how written words, lovingly expressed and mailed out, can impact someone’s day. How God can use complete strangers to encourage and build-up one another.

Nearly a year ago, I joined up with the second round of #FMFPartySnailMail, a brilliant spin-off of the Five Minute Friday community I write with each week. And Kaitlyn, the founder and gracious hostess of this “Community in your Mailbox” movement, has gracefully lead us through 5 rounds. Hundreds of women writing to each other in small groups, over a thousand cards or letter sent out, and countless words of encouragement have flitted around the country and the world.

photo1 (10)

All from just a simple idea, thrown out to the #FMFParty community one evening.

[Tweet “God uses the small moments to have a big impact, friends. @jen_daugherty”]

But things are changing. You can read all about Kaitlyn’s journey and God’s call to her, and why #FMFPartySnailMail will be a little different from here on out. Check it out here.

Starting with Round 6, I will be working alongside 4 other wonderful ladies to run #FMFPartySnailMail. Together we look forward to a future of more encouragement and community. More women setting aside a moment to pen a note to someone they’ve never met. To pray for them and search for what God needs them to hear.

Snail Mail Encouragement

Friends, good things are coming.

[Tweet “God uses the small moments to have a big impact, friends. @jen_daugherty”]

Sound fun to you? Want to join in?


Happy news: Round 6 sign up is OPEN! You don’t have to be a Five Minute Friday writer to join, though I highly encourage you check out Kate’s blog and find out more about that, because it’s awesome. You don’t even have to be a blogger, or an active blogger. You just have to be willing to commit to write to 7 other ladies during the round, just one letter each. And in turn, you’ll receive 7 notes of encouragement in your mailbox.

Sound fun? Sign up here!

And check out the blogs of my wonderful co-leaders of the #FMFPartySnailMail community: Rebekah, Jessica, Sarah Jo, and Andrea. Because they are amazing people!



3 thoughts on “#FMFPartySnailMail {Community in Your Mailbox}

  1. Hey Jen! I’m excited to read you are a part of making #fmfpartysnailmail happen beginning this next round. So glad to be a recipient of your God-given gifts! Bless you, friend!

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