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Real Life Needs Real Faith

real faith for real life


I just can’t handle shallow faith. One which shatters in the face of real life.

Friends, I need real faith. I need the all consuming, deep within, burning bright faith that faces the nitty gritty of real life and pushes it aside. I need something strong to lean against, something to carry me through.

Because real life isn’t easy. It’s not full of lolly pops and golden tickets, sun-filled days and stunning starry nights.

Of course, you’ll have some of those moments.

But you’ll also have moments of crushing despair, overwhelming stress, and utter exhaustion. Where all you want to do is collapse under the weight of it all. But you can’t. Because there are people depending on you.


That’s where real faith comes in. Real friends. Real community.

A God who holds you up when you’re at your end. Friends who pray ceaselessly when you cry out for help. And a community that encourages you through it all.

I’m tired of shallow faith, because it doesn’t hold up against the realness of life. Instead, I’m embracing the realness of a God who cares. Who fights for me. Whose love knows no end.

We need real faith, friends.


It’s time for Five Minute Fridays, where I gather with hundreds of women (mostly) from around the world as we write together for just five minutes, all on a common word. We let the expectations and fears fall away and write brave. Will you join us?

Also, FMF friends, don’t forget to check out Kate’s blog for info on FMF and the upcoming FMFRetreat in August! Because it will be awesome.



33 thoughts on “Real Life Needs Real Faith

    1. It’s hard to remember sometimes, when we’re going through the tough things. But it’s our God who sustains us through it all, even when we aren’t thinking about it!

    1. Shallow faith doesn’t get you very far. Unless you never face trials and difficulties. And who never faces those?

  1. I have a question. I’m not trying to be ornery, but I really truly want to know. How do you move from a shallow faith of “pew warmers” to that real, deep, hungering, searching faith? I guess I’m too much of a checklist type of girl. I want to know the steps you have to take. But I want to be there too, and I want to inspire others to be there.


    1. Oh Melinda, I’m right there with you. “Just give me a checklist, Lord!” But I’m finding that this journey deep into the heart of Jesus is a miracle–something He does as we open ourselves to Him completely. A checklist would be so much easier, but I wonder if that would make us self-reliant instead of completely dependant on Him?

      1. Asheritah, you are so brilliant. Yes, the lack of checklists definitely makes us more reliant on Him, because we can’t control it all by follow perfectly prescribed steps. Just makes the journey more difficult, but more beautiful.

    2. For me, it was taking me away from everything familiar and stripping away all the things I had relied on for years, instead of God. It was moving 8,000 miles away and facing poverty, hunger, and hopelessness of those around me. That broke me down, and left me clinging to God. And He rebuilt me, strengthening my faith and showing me a whole different side of Him.

      There’s no checklist, though I LOVE checklists. Tell God to break and remake you. Scary? Ohhhh yeah. This is what brought me to a “real” faith, but maybe your journey is completely different. Put it in God’s hands. He’ll show up.

  2. I’m tired of shallow faith too, Jen. Everytime I take communion I think it’s not enough. It’s not enough to take a pinch of bread and a sip of juice and call it enough of Jesus. I want more…all that He has for me.

    1. Me too, Holly. As scary as that can be, that’s what I want. Because living brave is better than hiding from what He wants for us.

    1. You are so sweet Shannon! And I really needed some encouragement, because I was a little scared to post this. 🙂 Thank you!

    1. I completely agree! Are you hoping to attend the retreat? Because I’d LOVE to physically sit down and chat with your beautiful self. 🙂 And if not…hmmm I need to find Voxer again, and actually use it LOL

  3. Jen, what a beautiful post. I struggle with living shallow faith, at times, because it is “easier.” But so much emptier. It’s the real faith that brings us through the hard seasons of life. It’s the real faith that enables us to help others when they’re struggling.

    Beautiful post.

    1. Thanks Jeanne. You are completely right. It’s easier, but so much emptier. The hard things are worth having, right?

    2. من مهندس عمران هستم با حدود Û±Ûµ سال سابقه و متاهل و یک فرزند در حال حاضر وکیل گرفته ام و در تاریخ Û¸ فوریه Û²Û°Û±Û² no.dossier در یافت کرده ام وٛŒØ®ÙÂÂا…Çم بدانم منظور این شماره چیست و در صورت ارائه tcf امکان wawe شدن هست یا نه و مراحل بعدی چیست . مرسی از شما

  4. Oooooo, yes!!!! I literally just raised my hand to Heaven. I, too, am tired of shallow faith. Weak faith. I need faith that withstands the dark and the storm. I need to KNOW when I can’t FEEL. Grant us this, Lord!

      1. Thanks for this series Jim. In addition to giving me a new appreciation for Durand's work, it's also been thknrht-pgovooiug. It's interesting to ponder what "truth" is. One of the many things I love about art is how it reminds us that the "right answer" depends on context (in every sense of the word) as well the goal desired.The series also reminded me that I have a copy of The Painted Sketch, which I pulled out and have been enjoying.

  5. Stopping in from the FMF! “But you’ll also have moments of crushing despair, overwhelming stress, and utter exhaustion. Where all you want to do is collapse under the weight of it all. But you can’t. Because there are people depending on you.” I just came out of a season exactly how you described, and I am so thankful for the community he put around me to pray me through.

  6. This is my cry Lord to have REAL faith. It’s through the fire that we see how sturdy our faith is. “Faith that shatters…” what a vivid image. Thank you for this post

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