Stealing from God Review

I recently read Stealing from God, by Frank Turek, which is a book written to dissect and disprove atheistic arguments against God. The premise of the book is that non-believers often use the same arguments to disprove the existence of God time and time again. However, according to the laws of logic and nature, Turek argues that these arguments are illogical and go against good scientific reasoning.

Stealing from God review

This book is highly detailed and definitely must be closely read. It delves deeply into the realms of logic, natural law, physics, philosophy, and theology. Yet Turek, though dealing with deeply scientific material, has a way of making it accessible to someone without a thorough knowledge of any of these subjects.

After detailing how common atheistic arguments defy logic, Turek goes on to weave together Biblical accounts in various books of the Bible written by various authors. He does this to prove a common timeline, showing that the Bible is a historically accurate account, rather than a collection of random stories. This is to demonstrate the truth and reliability found in God’ word, which is often disputed by non-believers.

Stealing from God is a great book, but it definitely isn’t a light read. It digs deep into obscure realms of science and Biblical literature, often examining various areas that no one person has expertise in. However, with a little reasoning and examining, it’s relatively easy to follow Turek’s line of reasoning. He picks apart arguments that are frequently stated by atheists and in turn shows how they actually require more faith than believing in the Creator.

I would recommend this book to someone who likes to discuss and debate these topics deeply, or someone who wants to strengthen their own faith through examination of history, science, and theology. It’s a slower read, but it definitely makes you think!


I was provided a complementary copy of Stealing from God by Tyndale Publishers in exchange for my honest review. Affiliate links used in post.


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