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Hope in the Waiting {Five Minute Friday}

Our culture demands instant gratification. You do something, there’s a reward. You need something, you get it. In a culture of affluence and excess, waiting isn’t a “thing” anymore.

And it only seems to push us to impatience even quicker.


I could go in a million different directions with this post, because waiting has been a huge part of my life the past four years. When I waited through an application process. For an abroad placement. For a departure date. For the end of training. For the scorching sun to set and the bitter winter nights to end. For the garden to grow. For the lines at month end a Shoprite. For the bush taxi to fill. For help. For a diagnosis and treatment plan. For a decision. For a medical evacuation. For the plane to touch down back home again. For recovery to begin. For a job. For guidance. For community. I’ve waited.

For direction from the Lord.

Waiting has been an incredibly trying experience. Moments woven together with both sadness and joy. Longing and enthusiasm. Homesickness and being welcomed.

Despite the difficult, I wouldn’t trade the waiting time for anything.

It’s created peace. Patience. Hope.

It’s created a different person.

And still, I am waiting for direction. But now, I’m waiting full of hope.




It’s Five Minute Friday, and after a few weeks away during a crazy month, I’m joining up again with this amazing group of women as we write together, for five minutes. Check out Kate’s place for all the awesome details.


24 thoughts on “Hope in the Waiting {Five Minute Friday}

  1. It’s wonderful how the things that are most trying in the moment tend to work out in the end to being the best things that happen. Love your insights!

    Visiting from FMF — Sarah Jo

  2. I like the perspective you’ve got here. Waiting creates a different person. Makes me think of James 1:2-4. God can use anything, good and bad, to grow us. Waiting is definitely part of that. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for that very, Marie! It’s something I need reminding of now and again. It’s so easy to wish the troubles away, but trouble times often teach us so much.

  3. Jen, this waiting thing? It’s hard. It feels so out of our control. But I guess that’s just where we should be, yielding our control to the Lord who orchestrates our steps.

    I love your conclusion—that we can wait with hope.

    Visiting from FMF. 🙂

  4. Oh Jen – I love this! Waiting DOES create a different person, doesn’t it? It is such a gift… such a joy to be around someone who has learned to wait expectantly in hope! Praying for you in all your waiting, friend! He is at work!

    1. Thank you dear! This period of waiting has been easier to handle with great community, like you and #fmfparty! 🙂

      It’s amazing how waiting can change us though. We don’t see if until afterwards, but then we look back and see the journey.

  5. Loved reading your post. Identified with it so much. Loved how you say waiting makes us a different person: metamorphosis… teaches us so much if we’re only willing to take the time to listen…..{A FMF friend}

  6. That’s true… the waiting teaches us much and good things at that… patience, peace and hope! Thanks for this reminder and encouragement!

    and thanks for the laughs last night! You are a crack-up!

  7. I totally agree that God changes us as we wait, but waiting is still hard! You’re exactly right about our culture’s focus on instant gratification.

    We shop at ShopRite, too. I know what state you live in, because we’re on the same list for the current card exchange. Did you once live in the mid-Atlantic?

  8. I can so relate to your words! I, too, have been waiting for direction and there have been times when the waiting has seemed crippling. But there have been flickers of hope and that’s what I hold to. Our God is with us in the waiting and it is for His purpose. Be blessed!

  9. One of my favorite Psalms verses is “For God alone my soul in silence waits; from him comes my salvation. I’m impatient by nature and I struggle with ADD. The “instant gratification” culture easily overwhelms me. I crave the peace of waiting in the Lord’s presence, but I struggle against everything to stay there. And now I sound like St. Paul so I guess I’m on the right track! Thank you for sharing your experience and your hope. God bless.

  10. Waiting bitterly and waiting full of hope are two totally different experiences, no? I have done both. I am learning there is always, always a reason to hope. I love that it is your word for the year and I pray it rewards you richly.

  11. Love the concept that waiting has changed you and that you now wait with hope. I think that’s what I need to cling to in the waiting…the hope. So glad to catch up with you this week! It’s been too long!! xoxo

  12. “Waiting full of hope.” Your words were so touching and honest. I could feel the uphill battle that got you to hope on the mountain top. That’s a beautiful thing – to be able to hope even while we wait. Just had to visit the girl who was #1 on the FMF list. 🙂 Blessings!

  13. Waiting is a so much a part of our lives. I don’t think we realize how much time we spend waiting instead of living. I am trying to live in each moment and do less waiting.

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