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First Christmas Photo Shoot



Christmas is a great time to shoot some beautiful, light-filled photos that easily capture the magic of the season. Of course, when you add a baby to the mix, things tend to get really adorable!

This Christmas, I was blessed to shoot “First Christmas” photos for the Soibam family, who have a six month old baby full of smiles and giggles. It was my first time doing this sort of photo shoot, and we had a blast with it! Baby S redecorated the Christmas tree, played with ornaments, and nibbled on a few Christmas lights (oops). Mostly he had fun hamming it up to the camera.




I had been Pinteresting fun First Christmas poses for a while now, working with the mom to settle on some ideas we’d like to try. Of course, things in reality never turn out as easy as Pinterest makes them seem. We were shooting in the light of a ginormous fishtank, which added a blue cast to some of the photos. At more than one point, no fewer than 3 dogs stormed into the viewfinder. And the lighting wasn’t the best. But overall, the photos turned out great, I think!




We used wrapping paper to create an easy, super cheap backdrop, a strand of lights, and a white fleece throw to cover the pillow supporting Baby S. It was a set up that cost perhaps $10-$12 (I bought the boppy-style pillow at a consignment shop), but looks like a professional set up in photos.

Behind-the-scenes set up
Behind-the-scenes set up

Overall, this was a great photo shoot with a happy little guy, and the family was pleased with the outcomes. If you want to create similar shots yourself, here are a few tips:

1. Let the Christmas lights highlight the photo. Keep overhead lighting dimmer to capture the glow of the lights.

2. Get low. Your knees won’t thank you, but your customers will love photos taken from the baby’s level!

3. Use soft textures to add to the magical feel of the photos, such as a fuzzy blanket.

4. Be sure to use plastic, unbreakable ornaments if you allow a baby to play with them. The last thing you need is a broken ornament and a crying baby.

5. If you’re shooting “naked baby photos”, be sure the keep the house warm, and work fast!

6.  Turn off the flash. Instead, use a fast lens (if you have a DSLR) and a wide aperature. Most of these were shot with a Nikon 50mm lens
at f1.8.



Like this tutorial? Check out my facebook page for more tips, or to book your own session. Or head over to my Pinterest page for more inspiration!

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