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Five Minute Friday: Adore


You know how you can’t stop looking a photos of cute babies or little puppies? It’s like they are so adorable, that looking away hurts? There’s an undeniable urge to just squeeze those little cheeks and kiss their furry puppy head.


Oh come let us adore Him…

It’s one of the most well-known carols around. A call to come adore our Savior, born a baby, only to lay down His life for us as God’s Son.

How often do we truly adore Christ? Does our love for Him overwhelm us? Does the mere thought of being separated from Him makes us ache deep in our hearts?


I have a 6 month old nephew, so I know about thing or two about adorable babies.

Can you imagine, millennia ago, Mary starting into the face of her newborn son, surrounded by animals, in a shelter not fit for humans? Can you see her looking down at her baby, her hear swelling with love for the infant in her arms, one which would save the world.

Can you see Mary adoring her child, just as you adore your own?

Oh come let us adore Him, Christ the Lord.

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24 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Adore

  1. Oh yes, dear friend. Our hearts resonate on the same theme of needing to–wanting to–adore Him more. Hope you have a very special time of worship and adoration with Him this Christmas season!

    1. The same to you Asheritah! Celebrate His birth with joy and peace this year (as much peace as possible in this season) 😉

  2. I adore puppies and babies…but at my advanced age, I know that they come along with A LOT of hard work! ;). But that’s a lesson in itself–cheap adoration doesn’t mean much. It’s the diaper-changing, barf-cleaning, sacrificial adoration that really counts (and it’s good to know that our Father adores us in that way!).

  3. I think if we don’t have that aching need to adore and be with God then we really have a lot to work on. We are so blessed to have had someone willing to come as a vulnerable infant to us to die for us. I have always wondered what that little baby Jesus thought while he was a little baby. Did he know then what he knew later? WOW. Just WOW.

  4. So true. I can hardly imagine being in Mary’s place, her heart bursting with love for her baby (which is familiar) but also knowing how special that baby was. Wow. Thanks for writing this!

    Stopping by from FMF. Happy Christmas, Jen!

  5. “This Christmas, will we adore Him? Truly, deeply, in the innermost parts of our hearts.” This is where I pray my focus is not only during Christmas but also though out the new year.

  6. I have never thought about that moment when Mary had at her little baby for the first time, it remembered me when I did the same with my little babies, I have to ponder about it and be in her shoes. Thank you Jen for your post

    1. Thanks for coming by, Sandra! One of my favorite Christmas songs is “Breath of Heaven”, which always makes me think so Mary carrying Jesus.

  7. Oh, Jen, I’m all teary-eyed tonight! I often think about Mary in these last few days before Christmas. The waiting, the unknown, the fear. All of the things any ordinary Mother would be feeling, thinking, yearning for. And to know the Messiah was carried in her very womb. Breathtaking. Thank you for such a beautifully painted picture!!

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