Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday: Dear


Hold tightly to the things you hold dear.

But what are they?

Jen Kay Photography 2014
Jen Kay Photography 2014

When I was a child, I foolishly thought that my dearest possessions were things. A treasured book, a diary, a stuffed animal, or a special note. But as I grew, and packed and unpacked numerous times throughout college, I began to realize how untrue that was. With each move, it seemed that some special thing got shuffled around, lost, or broken. But I began to understand something.

The possessions matter little.Ā 

The memories tied to those things? I wouldn’t give them up for the world.

Jen Kay Photography 2014
Jen Kay Photography 2014

Hold tight to your memories, the real things you hold dear. They form a legacy, and tell a thrilling story of your life. Of the people who know you, loved you, and influenced you.

And of course, I still have various knick-knacks that remind me of these memories. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if they broke, or burned in a fire, or were stolen or misplaced, I would be fine. Because they are just a physical reminder of the memories.


And the memories are what I truly hold dear.

Those? Those are what I hold tight. The memories and the relationships.


Jen Kay Photography 2014
Jen Kay Photography 2014

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15 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Dear

  1. Jen, it is so true! What we once thought dear no longer is. It is those lives we hold near & dear in our hearts. The memories we hold tightly. So grateful for that which lingers forever. Blessings!

  2. Jen- What a great perspective! Especially during this season when it’s hard not to focus on the things… but so many memories can be treasured. This is a beautiful message- and this is my favorite part:”Hold tight to your memories, the real things you hold dear. They form a legacy, and tell a thrilling story of your life.” Perfect! Thank you.

    1. Thank you Karen!It definitely is hard to focus on the *truly* important things. As long as we try to keep the right perspective!

  3. God has been re-teaching me this lesson lately. Now that my kids are grown I realize the things they look back on and remember the most are not the gifts I gave them but the time we spent together. They are holding on to memories and showing me those are the things that matter.

  4. Oh this is so lovely, Jen! I am one who has NOT moved much (or far) and so it’s such a great reminder… I haven’t ‘had to’ downsize much and so it’s easy to forget that it’s the memories, not the actual things, that we hold dear! Great post, friend!

    1. Wow, if I never had to downsize, I probably would’ve wound up a hoarder! šŸ˜‰ It helps, to be forced the purge and downsize, and for me helped me understand what things truly are held dear.

  5. Yes memories are the most important. I totally know what you mean. I’m especially thinking of all my friends who lost possessions in the Minot ND flood a few years ago.

    1. It would be tragic to lose all my possessions, I won’t lie. But you carry the memories with you, which is a huge comfort. And those won’t be destroyed!

  6. This is so great. One time I was at a party where the husband and wife had to share what 3 things besides family that they would grab out of the home if there were a fire. Then spouses compared answers. A lot of husbands said they would save their tv, gun, or pet. My husband and I both said photos! I thought that was so sweet. I agree though, the photos are not as important as the memories themselves.

  7. Yes, Jen. We lost so many of the material side of our memories in Hurricane Katrina (our families were all storing things for us while we were on the mission field). I have learned the memories stay long, long after the things.

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