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Five Minute Friday: Notice

Walking around, heads down. Eating at the table, fingers tapping. Sitting together on the couch, faces lit with little screens.

When did we stop noticing things?

#1000giftsin30: Beautiful snow
#1000giftsin30: Beautiful snow

I’m as guilty as the next person of letting my phone distract me. You’ll find me in the evenings, wandering through the internet on my laptop. And I spend my fair share of time in front of the television.

And every moment I’m looking at a screen, I’m failing to notice.


#1000giftsin30: One sweet little doggie moment
#1000giftsin30: One sweet little doggie moment

It hurts because it’s true. Our attraction to technology tears us away from the beauty and blessings around us. Just tonight, I missed a falling star while I was Twittering it up with some friends. It’s not wrong…sometimes it’s just too much.

[Tweet “We “feel” connected, and yet we become more and more withdrawn from the world.”]

But enough of it. This week, I’ll be writing my way to Thanksgiving with a mini-series on noticing the blessings in everyday life. I’ll be hiding my phone more and staying present in real life. Because as amazing as technology is, the world around us is even more amazing.

Counting #1000giftsin30 this month
Counting #1000giftsin30 this month

When was the last time you noticed?


It’s time for Five Minute Friday, where hundreds of women gather to write together, on a common theme, without editing or backtracking. You can find out all the nitty-gritty-awesome details at Kate’s place, our gracious hostess!



19 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Notice

  1. Jen … right on! We’ve become captivated by our phones, our screens. And in our obsession we’re missing the glimmers and bursts and glimpses of beauty and life and love that come and go in the blink of the eye.

    Thanks for this. Truly.

  2. There is always a balance. I carry my phone to snap a photo of what I notice, but I end up tweeting the picture later when I have a free moment. This world is amazing and there is a lot to notice. 🙂

    1. Yes, I keep mine with me for photography moments too, and to keep in contact with people, of course. But sometimes I allow it to be too much!

  3. This is so true, as much as i love my phone and the internet i have found myself missing real connections, really need to work on this. x Visting from #fmfparty

  4. Hey there… I wrote out half a post about this very thing last week. It still sits unfinished, unwritten – but this is it right here… we think we are so connected, and yet we are disconnected more and more! Great post… and great encouragement to put the phone (/tablet/laptop) away and simply BE all in with the people you are with! I wrote about doing just that in my FMF post tonight and oh how we all need to do that! Great post, Jen! xoxo

    1. Noooo I had a nice long reply typed out, and the internet ate it. 🙂

      Anyways, you should definitely finish that post. And now I’m going over to read your FMF post!

  5. Thanks for sharing this important reminder! We miss out on many little things because we’re distracted…I like that sentence “it’s not wrong, it’s just too much”. It’s a good thing to realize it once in a while and then take some time off and refocus. Have a great week of writing and finding blessings!

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