Nature’s Worship to the Creator

Fall has always been one of my favorite seasons. Some years, spring wins out. But most years it is fall. With the crisp temperatures, falling leaves, gentle rains, and foggy mornings, how can you not love fall?



This year is my first real fall since 2010. If you followed along with my #write31days series, you know I lived in Africa for some time. I left the USA in July 2011 and returned in early December 2013. So in 2013, I had 2 winters because of the opposite seasons. But fall? Well, in South Africa what ends up happening is that it’s really, really hot until you wake up shivering one morning.

Okay, I’m exaggerating a tidbit, but there really is no transitional season between hot and cold.

And so, I had three years without fall.


And this year? I’ve been like a starry-eyed teenager on prom night, bowled over by the beauty of fall.

The vividness of the fall colors has stunned me again and again. It’s one of those things that’s just so illogical, it points to a creator. I look around, breathing in the crisp air, feeling the leaves crunch beneath my feet, and I see God’s beauty.


I see it in the sugar maple aflame in red. And in the whirlwind of leaves blowing about in the wind. I see the Creator painting the sky a stormy grey, a perfect backdrop to highlight the patchwork of fall colors covering the gently rolling hills. I see His hand in the cerulean sky and emerald grass, signs of life even as the trees grow bare and the annuals wither and die.


[Tweet “The beauty of fall is nature’s worship session to the almighty Creator, and I’m joining in. @jen_daugherty”]

And I know fall ushers in my least favorite season: winter. One that’s a hardship for all of us. And yet, I can’t ignore the beauty, or fail to see God’s hand in it all.


And this year, I’m so grateful to once again experience fall in all its glory.


I’m linking up with Holly Barrett at Testimony Tuesday today. For the full details, check it out here!


One thought on “Nature’s Worship to the Creator

  1. Fall is one of my favorite seasons–everything looks so happy and colorful–even though it’s dying and falling apart. I don’t say that to sound morose–it’s just a great lesson for us as humans–we, too are dying and falling apart, but we can have joy on our journey :).

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