31 Days

#write31days {Building Community}

One of the most fantastic parts of #write31days has been the Facebook page that accompanies the challenge. Each day, hundreds of writers would gather to post their daily writing, pass along encouragement to one another, and pay it forward by posting content from someone else’s blog. It was great to get to “know” a few other bloggers before, and I’d find myself returning to the same blog day after day.

And so a community begins.

It’s no longer October, but the community is as talkative as ever. We’re celebrating the end of the challenge, and I know many of us will finally catch up on reading other blogs. When you write each day, it can be hard to keep up on reading as well!

Today I’m going to post the 5 series I’ve come to love throughout October. Some are “old friends”, bloggers who I interacted with before. Some are brand new friends who I met during the challenge. Some might not even know who I am, though I’ve loved their series. I could post far more than 5, as there were literally hundreds of amazing writers. But I’ll keep it simple.

1. I just have to start with Kristin at the Incredible K blog. Her series, 31 Days of Encouragement, spoke to me throughout the entire month. I found her very early on in October, and love her writing and encouragement. Check out her series here.

2. Renee is also a new friend, and her series, 31 Days of Speaking Life, is beautifully written and just what I need to hear. She writes about speaking life to those around us and living a life of encouragement. If you need a breath of fresh air amid the crazy of life, check out her series here.

3. Karrilee is a brilliant writer that I met through Five Minute Fridays earlier this year. She wrote on 31 Days of Rest, which I little funny because you lose a little rest time when you post each day! But her series fell in line with things the Lord has been laying on my heart. Plus, her photos are just gorgeous! Check out her series here.

4. I stumbled upon Robyn’s blog this week, and I’m not sure she knows that I read every single post in one day. She writes about her adoption journey, and her writing style just sucked me in. I couldn’t not read. If you want to read a riveting tale of adoption, look no further than here.

5. And last but certainly not least, Kate’s series, 31 Days in South Africa. She shares many beautiful stories, all written in 5 minutes, from her years spent in South Africa. Kate is the gracious host of Five Minute Fridays, so I knew her before the challenge. But her posts this month spoke to my heart. Plus, she had the brilliant idea of hosting the 31 days of 5 minute free writes, which made the challenge easier for all of us who participated (me included). Check it out here.


And of course, you’re always welcome to check out my entire series here.


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