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#write31days {No Second Guessing}

There was no time for second guessing.

I was strapped into the harness, connected to various cords, and with a crowd watching, I inched to the edge. Below me was empty air, and 800 meters down lay a winding river and a green canyon.


A second later, I leaped out, feeling only air rushing past as I fell freely. As screech of exhilaration escaped my lips, echoing off the canyon walls as I fell.

Preparing to take the leap
Preparing to take the leap

A few seconds later, the bungee stretched as my descent slowed, growing taunt as I stopped and began bobbing up and down over the openness of the valley. Seven seconds of free fall from the highest bridge bungee in the world. Seven seconds which left my body shaking uncontrollably and a wild grin on my face.

Bloukrans Bungee bridge
Bloukrans Bungee bridge

Bungee jumping had always been something I wanted to do, and as a few friends and I planned a trip to the Garden Route in Southern South Africa, I made sure the Bloukrans bungee was on the list. Three of us chose to jump that day, and it’s hard to explain the terror and joy I felt as I left my inhibitions behind and jumped.

Spaz-tastic jumping ;)
Spaz-tastic jumping 😉

And for those seven seconds, I felt absolutely freedom.



6 thoughts on “#write31days {No Second Guessing}

  1. I used to want to bungee jump, but now? Not a chance. (I recently blogged about that, too.) For me it would be like … seeing a spider on my leg. 🙂

    I can, however, imagine the freedom of those seconds in the air.

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