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#write31days {When the View isn’t Breathtaking}

The path climbed ever higher, up the mountainside, along an uneven set of stairs and walkways. For this non-hiker-climber-person, it tested my endurance and will power. And yet, higher we climbed, eager to see this spot on the map labeled “rain forest”.

I’m from Iowa. There’s not a whole lot of rain forest there.


We kept climbing, my Dad insistent on reaching the top. Finally, when I felt as if I had no breath left, the path levels out and stayed through a dense forest. One covered in green moss and nearly dripping with perspiration. A dense fog clung to the mountaintop, and though we had hoped it would clear off, it didn’t.

We walked through the mini rain forest, dodging holes and rotting boards in the footpath, eager to make it to the highest observation point at God’s Window. Hoping somehow that the fog would clear so we could see the valley sprawled below us.

It didn’t.

Unfortunately, due to super dense fog, our view from God’s Window could’ve been us standing against a white wall indoors.

When the view isn’t spectacular…

And yet, the journey was fun, even if the view wasn’t spectacular.  Dad and I had fun bonding and laughing as we hauled ourselves up the mountain. And really, the rain forest was gorgeous.

Sometimes, you don’t get to see what you came for, but the journey makes the icky view worth it.



2 thoughts on “#write31days {When the View isn’t Breathtaking}

  1. Oh so true, Jen!! We just had a similar experience getting to the top of Grandfather Mountain when my kids were here. But for us, the sun broke for about five minutes when we got to the top and we were able to see the breathtaking views, albeit briefly. Love that sometimes He gives us a glimpse too and then shuts it up for whatever He has planned down the road. Great series, friend!! xoxo

  2. I get it. I see that in this week, this past summer, this past year. Mercy…. So many thoughts, but one is: Which is more important? The destination? Or the journey crafted just for us?

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